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I would like to tell you about a non-standard Pull-Up & Dip Station that I recently tried in one of the gyms. It seemed to be very convenient and I decided to do a review of SteelBody Power Tower STB-98501. Its frame is highly durable but looks unusual. It may seem that you will be uncomfortable to train. But it is worth a try and you will understand that this is not so. In this case, You will save space and get the opportunity to conveniently perform pull-UPS and other exercises.

We offer to consider in more detail the advantages and possible disadvantages of the equipment. How can You use it in your workouts with your bodyweight? We have also collected customer reviews and are ready to share with You the most interesting of them. Proceed.

You can also compare the price and terms of purchase with the manufacturer’s website by clicking here.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the high endurance of the frame and strength. The stated weight limit is maintained with a margin. We tried to execute Dips with extra weight and the frame remained stable even when using swings on the last repetitions.

Basic Specifications

Brand SteelBody
Model number STB-98501
Maximum user weight 300 lbs
Incline & Decline 2 Position Manual
Product Dimensions 58.2 x 91 x 42.2 inches
Shipping Weight 88.2 pounds
Price Check Price

Manual&Assembly Instructions

Since this equipment is sold dismantled, we have prepared instructions for the Assembly and use of this power tower. You will need a minimum of necessary tools. The process takes a small amount of time. It would be better if you had a partner to help. We recommend that you perform the Assembly carefully according to the instructions. The safety of using the power tower depends on it. Download instructions by the links:

We recommend that you use the assembly instructions and check that the connections are secure. The quality of the assembly affects the safety of use of the power tower.

Main Advantage

The SteelBody STB-98501 is quite specific in design. But it is popular and is one of the most popular and high-quality in its price range. The manufacturer of this equipment has been on the market of fitness industry for a long time. Its products have established themselves as one of the most high-quality and durable. Each model is thought out taking into account the needs of users and the priority for safe and comfortable use. Let’s consider its main advantages.

1. Dimensions and frame structure

This fitness station is quite compact and stable. Here is its dimensions:
Space savings are achieved by the possibility of placing the power tower in any corner or near the wall. You do not have to provide free space to be able to approach the power tower from two sides. But the design features allow you to train without interference. The frame is also strong and stable. It is designed for a user weight of up to 300 lbs.

2. Ease of use

First of all, the legs have a specific shape and are separated from each other. It is convenient for you to get closer and take the starting position.

The barn is curved and has several grip options. It is possible to do pull-ups with different gripes to train several muscle groups. A foam coating is provided on the bar to prevent hands from slipping off.

The soft backrest and armrests make the exercise more comfortable. The quality of the materials used is good. The seams will not put pressure on your body and forearms.

Dip handles can be installed in three heights. This makes it easy to train both high and lower users. These handles are also used for push-ups.

3. Variety of Exercises

Now consider how you can use this model power tower in your training. You will be able to perform all the basic exercises and a few additional ones.
First of all, it is pull-UPS. The crossbar has a curved shape. This allows you to use different grip options and train different muscle groups. There is no covering on the crossbar, but it does not slip. The thickness of the crossbar is optimal.

To perform DIPS, you can set the handles at a convenient height for you. Also at the bottom, it is possible to install the handle in the lower position and perform push-UPS. When performing, you do not hit your head on the horizontal bar.

For training the muscles of the press, there are two main possibilities. At the bottom, there is a foam roller to fix the legs and perform crunches. Also using the armrests you can perform Vertical Knee Raise. Soft armrests and back allow you to comfortably hold the body in its original position.

In some cases, an additional crossbar is provided under the horizontal bar. It can be conveniently fixed rubber bands to perform exercises with them. Similarly, you can hook the tape over the bar of the horizontal bar.

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Video Review

In this video you can see the main advantages of SteelBody Strength Training Power Tower, as well as examples of exercises that can be performed with it.


The SteelBody STB-98501 is a great choice for your home installation. You get a comfortable and functional tower power. With this kind of equipment you have a little more flexibility for your workouts. We recommend to pay attention when buying fitness equipment for home gym.

Frequently Asked Questions

# How do you use a power tower?

During the workout exercises are performed with the weight of your own body. In addition to the standard pull-ups, push-ups, dips and vertical knee raises, a foam foot holder is provided for crunches.

# Is there a steelbody power tower with a bench for the home gym?

Yes, there are two options. You can choose the Weight Bench which can be set according to the width of the legs. Or you can pay attention to a specialized model Steel body Power Tower + Foldable Bench (STB-98502). The second option is preferable. Construction includes bars and safety catches. The bench conveniently folds down.

# Do handles from other similar models fit?

Yes, but this has not caused difficulties. They are compatible with diameter and fixation.

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