Power Tower ABS Workout

When training the muscles of the press an important component of success is the variety of exercises used and diet. In this article, we will take a closer look at Power Tower ABS Workout. It is a few effective exercises that you can include in your workout. We will try to answer a frequent question: how quickly you can get the result. Let’s begin.

Basic Exercise

Starting any training do not forget to perform a warm-up. It will be enough 5-10 minutes. You can perform aerobic exercises, a body turns and other exercises. Do not be lazy to do it and your training will be more effective.

1. Vertical Leg Raise

Vertical Knee Raise
To perform the exercise, climb the power tower and rest your hands on the armrests. Its feet arbitrary are hanging relaxed. With the effort of raising them to a 90-degree angle with the body. Keep your legs straight. After a short pause controlled lower the legs to the starting position.

Tip: when raising your legs at the top, take a short pause. Raise your legs a little faster, lower slowly.

To simplify the exercises when lifting legs can bend at the knees. This version of the exercise will be easier to perform and it is suitable for beginners. In this exercise, the upper ABS muscles are good training. Keep your lower back pressed against the backrest of the power tower and do not sway. More experienced athletes for greater concentration aren’t sliding down its feet fully. This version of the exercise allows you to keep the press in constant tension. This increases the effectiveness and intensity of the training.

2. Crunches

Crunches are standard exercises for the muscles of the press that can be performed without additional equipment. With the roller, you can conveniently fix the feet and perform the exercise more conveniently. I don’t know about you, but I like the option of crunches like more. I am not tormented and can focus on training the muscles of the press.

3. Hanging Oblique Knee Raise

Hanging Oblique Knee Raise
This exercise is similar to the first. But in this case, you use a horizontal bar instead of bars. You hang on to it and lift your legs as well. In this case, you get more stretching. Possible variations of the exercise:

  • Leg or knee lifts to a 90 degree angle with the body
  • Full lifting of the legs to the touch of the crossbar with straight legs
  • Windscreen wiper
  • Alternate leg lifts (easier option)
  • Hanging knee raises twist

Knee Raise Muscle Worked

muscle worked
When performing vertical knee raise, the upper abdominal muscles receive the greatest load. But if you want, you can alternately raise your legs up and to the sides. This will enable you to include rectum abs in your training. Also, with the right technique involved muscle stabilizers, lower back.

Tip: Do you want to make the exercise harder? You can use Ankle Weights. You can also use rubber bands. Tie them on a leg and fix them to the feet.

Additional Power Tower ABS Exercises

In addition to the basic exercises that can be performed with most standard models of power tower there is a list of additional features. They depend on the functionality of specific hardware models. Consider some of them.


This exercise involves a static load on your ABS. To perform it, you need to hang on the dip bars lifting the legs to parallel with the floor. Keep your legs as straight as you can for as long as you can. Perform several repetitions. You can perform a similar exercise hanging on a bar or bars.
The image shows a more complex version. In it, in addition to the muscles of the press, you also train your hands. Static and dynamic loads can be combined. For example 30 seconds you hold your feet at an angle of 90 degrees to the body, then do several lifts and hold again. Such exercises can improve strength and make training more functional.

Crunches with Bench.

Part of the power tower includes a bench. By adjusting the angle of inclination you can complicate the implementation of crunches. Usually, a roller for fixing the feet is provided. Fix the legs and perform the required number of repetitions.

Knee Lifts with Straps.

Some models of the power tower allow you to use the belts. For them on frame hooks or other fastenings are provided. The straps are wide enough and allow you to thread your hands and hang on the power tower more conveniently. Your hands almost do not feel the load and you can concentrate on doing the exercises. With them, it is more comfortable to perform leg or knee lifts, static exercises.


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