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Welcome to our website. My name is Michael Jones For more than 9 years I have been working as a personal trainer.

For over 3 years I am Certified Personal Trainer as well as the Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

Michael Jones

To confirm my competence, I have a number of certificates. But the most valuable believe the next:


Working in various fitness centers I have seen typical complexity of the newcomers. In most cases, fitness trainers initially allow twice as fast to come to the desired result. So I decided to share their knowledge in the context of this blog and do it for free.

Main topics of discussion:

How do we make content?

There are several people in our team, one way or another related to the topic of fitness, equipment or nutrition. When testing equipment, the process consists of several steps:

  1. We determine the relevance of the issue-we study online demand, what questions are most interested in users, what are the main difficulties
  2. We collect all available information on the subject.
  3. Sources of information about the equipment are customer reviews, opinions of gym owners, our own experience. In most cases, we do the testing ourselves. We perform typical exercises and compare the possibilities, convenience, conditions of purchase. Next, we compare the cost of equipment in several stores to understand what price the buyer will have to pay for it.
  4. Food supplements are difficult to recommend only on the basis of reviews or specified characteristics, we primarily consider those products that we use ourselves. For the preparation of such reviews, we turn to a specialist in nutrition and food additives.

Why home gym is topical question?

You can train at home as effectively as in the gym. You may lack knowledge and equipment, but this is a solvable issue. As a result, you get the following benefits: Save Time, Workout Personality, It’s Cheaper.

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