Best Treadmills Under $1000

Choosing a treadmill at home you will always have a question about how much money you should spend. You can buy equipment with minimal functionality and spend only $300. But there is a risk that very soon you will not have enough opportunities. In this review we would like to discuss the best treadmills up to $1000. Such a budget is enough to buy quality equipment that will be reliable, durable and functional.

Sounds great? Yes, it will not be the last innovation with most features. But treadmills of the given class will have all necessary possibilities and will serve not one year. We’ve studied suggestions, opinions of colleagues, fitness instructions, consumer reports and that’s what we’ve done.

In this review we will compare the best models and their capabilities. Let’s consider each of them in detail. Then we will share the secrets of the most profitable sale in the buyer’s guide. And in the end we will answer the most exciting questions. Let’s start.

TOP 10 Treadmills Under $1000

1. NordicTrack T 6.5Si Series Treadmill

NordicTrack is a well-known manufacturer of quality treadmills. The 6.5Si is the ideal choice for home workouts. Why do we think so? It combines functionality, reliability and ease of use. Now for more details.

The frame of this treadmill is foldable. This makes it much easier to store, even in a small apartment. When folded, it will take up an area of 36″ x 38″.

The tread belt is wide enough and long enough for comfortable walking or running. For convenience, FlexSelect cushioning is installed under the belt. They will provide amortization and reduce the load on the joints.

Motor power 2.6 CHP. This is not the quietest engine, we can say that the noise level is medium. It also cools itself down. This prolongs its service life and saves you the hassle of maintenance. Maximum speed is 10 MPH. There is a training option for users weighing up to 300 lbs. You can use a slope of up to 10%.
The control panel is standard. For this model there is a 10″ display with high resolution. The control buttons are conveniently located. Heart rate monitors are installed on the handles. You can see training information or use interactive iFit training. The treadmill price includes the possibility of using the iFit system for one year. This allows you to quickly start training under the guidance of an experienced trainer and quickly reach your goals.

This model allows you to train using installed programs. There are 20 of them. You can choose any of them or set your own parameters.

  • Reliability and durability
  • Large bright 10″ HD display
  • iFit for 12 months
  • No cooling fan

2. Horizon Fitness T303 (HIIT training console)

Horizon Fitness, known to us by the models T101 and T202, pleased its fans with the continuing line of treadmills with its new model of equipment. This time it is the T303. It is positioned as a HIIT training treadmill. Let’s look at its advantages besides the fact that it costs less than $1000.

It uses 3.0 CHP. Works quietly and stably. The track runs smoothly. You don’t experience jerks and abrupt stops when switching speeds. Speed range up to 12 mph.

An important advantage is the length of the deck. This will please both runners and walkers. Its standard width is 20″, but not many models have 60″.

Optimal cushioning is provided. Training is comfortable for your feet and joints.

Now you can perform HIIT training so easy. The intervals are specified in the built-in training programs. But it’s also possible to change the speed and tilt angle on your own. You can define the training mode for each interval by yourself.

During your workout, you can enjoy your favorite tracks or watch videos. Alternatively, you can connect to the treadmill via Bluetooth and listen to music through the built-in speakers on the control panel. There is a handy treadmill for your devices. It is conveniently located in the field of view and fixes your smartphone or tablet well. If necessary, you can charge your devices via USB.

The control panel is represented by a medium-sized display and control keys. The central part has a fan. Heart rate sensors and display of information help you to monitor your workout performance. The treadmill is folding. When folded, it is much easier to store and move.

  • Long deck – 60″
  • HIIT training console
  • 3.0 CHP motor
  • Weight Capacity 350 lbs
  • Small display screen

3. Nautilus T616 Treadmill

The Nautilus T616 is a modern treadmill with good functionality. It is easy to use with the Nautilus Trainer 2 app. It is free and allows you to run 27 different routes in real time.

For training you can use 26 different types of training programs. The control system allows you to monitor your workout performance on the display and your current heart rate. You can also connect devices via Bluetooth.

The treadmill is equipped with a 3.0 CHP engine. Maximum speed is 12 mph. The StrikeZone cushioning system provides moderate cushioning and guarantees a comfortable walking and running experience. The equipment is designed for users weighing up to 300 lbs.

The deck size of 20″ x 60″ will be sufficient for comfortable training. A slope can be used to increase the load. Maximum incline angle is 15.3%.
  • 15% motorized incline.
  • Good strength and stability
  • StrikeZone cushioning system
  • Heart rate monitor is not working properly

4. XTERRA Fitness TR300

XTERRA Fitness TR300 Folding Treadmill. This model does not have any significant excellent, but it is quite worth its money. The engine power is 2.25 HP. Speed can be in a range of 0 – 10 mph. It is quite enough for home trainings.

The deck is large enough for walking and running. Tilt angle can be changed from 0 to 10%. Speed and tilt control keys are conveniently duplicated on the handles. The rest of the functionality is controlled on the control panel. It also has a 5.5″ display.

The main advantage of this Fitness TR300 is its reliability and convenience, and it is quite cheap.

  • Good build quality
  • Convenient positioning of speed and incline control keys
  • Weight limit: 300 lbs.
  • Small display

5. Goplus 2.25 HP Electric Treadmill

Goplus 2.25 HP Electric Folding Treadmill is one of the most budgetary models of equipment in this ranking. It uses a 2.25 HP impulse motor. It is quite silent and durable. Adjustment of speed is possible in a range of 0.5-7.5 MPH that not so much. You can train in one of 12 training modes.

The treadmill is the perfect solution for walking enthusiasts. It is also possible to adjust the tilt angle from 0 to 15%. The treadmill is folded down so that it does not take up much space during storage. The display is small but well-contrast with clear values.

The size of the Rubber Running Belt is only 17″ X 47″. Monitor your training progress on the 5″ blue-ray LCD display. Goplus Electric Treadmill is perfect for those who don’t need extra features.

  • Good price
  • 3 Adjustable Incline Level 0-15%
  • Maximum speed is only 7.5MPH
  • Deck size is smaller than other models

6. Sole New 2019 F63 Treadmill

Sole New 2019 F63 Treadmill is an interesting new product from last year. Although it was released not so long ago, it managed to compete with many of the best treadmills in the price range up to $1000. How did she manage to attract attention? First of all, it’s quality equipment for a small amount of money. It is stable and functional.

An excellent engine with a power of 3 CHP. It is quite silent. Possible speed up to 12 mhp. For trainings it is possible to use as the preset programs of trainings. There are ten of them. There are also 15 levels of incline provide. This allows you to adjust the difficulty. The deck is well designed with a size of 20-60″.

Compared to jogging on asphalt paths, the joints will be loaded at 30-45%. For convenience of storage the treadmill is folded.

Many people will like the convenience of using Sole F63. You can easily connect your devices to the treadmill. This will allow you to combine training and listening to music. At the top is a handy tablet holder. The handles are angled. Heart rate sensors are placed on them. All important control keys are easily accessible. The screen is small 6.5″, but all training data is clearly visible on it. The treadmill is suitable for both walking and running.

  • Powerful silent engine
  • Comfortable wide deck
  • Great for running and walking
  • Slowly changing the speed

7. Sunny Health & Fitness Performance Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7820 Performance Treadmill is one of the best in its line from this manufacturer. It is designed for users weighing up to 285 lbs. and is very functional.

Speed is adjustable from 0 to 12.6 MPH. Easy adjustment also allows the deck angle to be adjusted to 14.5%. Alternatively, you can choose from 36 ready-made training programs. You can specify your body mass index to adapt your training according to your parameters. All control options are conveniently displayed on the control panel. Training results are shown on the 7″ display.

The exact size of the running area is 55 in x 19.7 inches. When folded, the treadmill takes up considerably less space and can be stored more conveniently. An additional advantage is the Soft-Drop technology. The treadmill does not fall on the floor or damage the treadmill. Opening will be smooth thanks to the hydraulic mechanism. The 2.5 engine does not create much noise and is durable enough. We didn’t think the control buttons were very large. This isn’t a big problem, but if you want to use them in motion, it can be difficult.
  • 36 loaded training programs
  • Good build quality and durability
  • Soft-Drop Technology
  • No tablet holder

8. ProForm Performance 600i Treadmill

The ProForm Performance 600i is perfect for home training. It has a 10′ Smart HD Touchscreen installed with iFit support. Above the control panel is the tablet holder. You can also connect your devices to the treadmill and play music.

Heart rate sensors are provided for optimal intensity training. You can change the angle of inclination up to 10%. You can use the CoolAire, which is built into the control panel for maximum comfort during your workout.

The treadmill is powered by a 2.5 CHP engine. The speed can be up to 10 MPH.

Below deck there are ProShox amortisers which reduce the load on the joints. The legs are equipped with transport wheels which help to move the folded treadmill to the place of storage.

Performance 600i will be appreciated by those who actively use multimedia functions during training and plan to use iFit. In addition, this model has good warranty conditions.

  • 10-inch Smart HD touchscreen
  • CoolAire workout fan
  • Weight capacity 300 pounds
  • User-friendly control panel
  • The training belt is slightly smaller than the other models under consideration

9. LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill

The compact treadmill LifeSpan TR1200i Treadmill remains popular in many stores for a long time and competes with even more expensive models. The deck width is 20″. The angle of inclination can be adjusted up to 15%.

A total of 21 coaching programmes are available for training. The engine power is 2.5 HP motor. It combines performance and durability. It is backed by a lifetime warranty. A small screen is used to display training information. By connecting a USB drive, it is possible to save training results. A tablet can be placed on top of it. The tilt angle is adjustable.

User’s weight limit is 300 lbs. It remains stable during training. You can then fold it up and move it to its storage location.
  • Compact dimensions
  • 21 easy-to-use exercise programs
  • High Quality Motors
  • Small display
  • Short deck

10. NordicTrack C 990

NordicTrack C 990 is one of the cheapest treadmills of the brand. It is equipped with a good 3.0 CHP motor. It is quiet and does not warm up. It is perfect for a wide range of training options – running, walking, jogging, jogging. Maximum available speed is 12 MPH. What is really valuable is the big deck. Its size is 20″ x 60″. You can adjust its angle of inclination. It can be up to 12%.

The control panel is equipped with a 7″ HD display. It can display trimming information or the iFit app. You can also place the tablet above the display in a special holder. This is convenient and functional. The control keys are located on the sides and in the front of the panel.

For more comfort, you can use the AutoBreeze workout fan. The water bottle is provided with holders and a shelf. The design is ergonomic and compact. Perfect for regular individual training.

  • 7” HD Touchscreen Display
  • 20” x 60” tread belt
  • Ergonomics
  • Users complained about the support

Buyer’s Guide

Let’s consider what you can count on if you want to choose Best Treadmills Under $1000. This budget can be considered average. Choosing a model to buy you should pay attention to a number of parameters.

  • Running belt size. In most cases, the maximum will be 20″ x 55″. This is not much. But with a larger size, it will be difficult to store the equipment. In addition, it is worth noting that there is depreciation. This is important because it reduces the load on the joints.
  • The motor. Important motor parameters are power. Usually it is 2.5 – 3.0 CHP. More important than power is its performance. Also it is necessary to pay attention to noisiness and how much it heats up. Powerful but short-lived motor you do not need.
  • Foldability. Using a treadmill at home will make it easier to use folding models. They are easier to move if necessary. It also takes up about half the size of a treadmill.
  • Speed and angle of inclination. These parameters determine the training possibilities. You use them to control the load and intensity of your workout. The speed in this price segment can be 10 – 12 MPH, inclination 10-15 %.
  • Display and control panel. You can count on a 10″ touchscreen HD screen. But as our review shows, this is not always the case. Control panels usually include a display, control keys, tablet holder and fans.
  • Weight Capacity. To be able to use it, you must consider this parameter. If your weight is close to the maximum allowable weight, the treadmill may be unstable and wear out quickly.



For home use, any model of our rating will be enough. We recommended the best treadmill in our opinion. But that doesn’t mean it will be the best for everyone. Identify the key factors for yourself and this will make it easier to choose.


Motor power is not the only parameter to evaluate it. Also important is its performance, durability. It will be better if the motor is self-cooled. This will extend its service life. Also pay attention to the warranty conditions. Some manufacturers give a lifetime warranty.


The runners will be suitable for models with large decks. Also important is the maximum speed and possible incline angle. Next, you need to consider the principles of your training. For example, if you prefer interval training, pay attention to Horizon Fitness T303.

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