Weider 200 Power Tower

Weider 200 is one of the best power tower models in terms of cost, functionality, convenience, and reliability. The manufacturer is well-known in the world of fitness. Being on the market for more than 25 years, Weider is associated with excellent quality. In our Weider 200 Power Tower Review we will consider the possibilities of this equipment for training at home, its advantages and disadvantages. As a bonus, we have prepared a possible training program with this power tower. Let’s begin.

Basic Specifications and Dimensions

Brand Weider
Product Dimensions: 4ft. 9 in. (Length) – 3ft. 5in. (Width) – 7ft (Height)
Shipping Weight: 86 pounds
Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Color: Gray/White
Price Check Price

Parts & Assembly Instructions

You can find two design options Weider 200 in white or gray. Frame designs are not different, slightly different design and shape of the armrests and back. There are no differences in terms of functionality or features.
Weider 200
For Assembly, you will need a screwdriver with attachments, wrench, rubber mallet. The process is described step by step in the attached Assembly instructions.

Weider 200

It will take you no more than an hour. It is important to secure all connections.

This model has long held a position in our ranking of the BEST POWER TOWER 2022.

Before starting work, prepare free space and consider whether additional floor covering will be used. It is recommended to purchase and lay the mats. They will protect the floor from scratches, make the power tower more stable. It would be great if you had an assistant.

Download Weider Power Tower Manual (PDF) it will help you to assemble the equipment, learn about the possibilities of use.

Weider Power Tower Exercises

This equipment allows you to train using your own body weight. Its frame is designed for user weight up to 300 lbs. It is assumed that one user will train at the same time. During training, it is important to follow safety rules.
At the beginning of each workout, we recommend warming up. Even if you have little time, it is important. So you will significantly reduce possible injuries and sprains, increase the effectiveness of training.

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In addition, it is highly recommended using the training log. In the instructions, a link to which we placed above, there is an example of a training table. Or you can use the application for smartphones. In any case, the fixation of the training plan and its results help in the growth of results.

Basic Workout Routing

This pulls up tower allows you to perform about 10 exercises and train different muscle groups. We will highlight the main most effective Weider 200 Fitness Tower Exercises.

  • Pull-UPS – excellent exercises for training back muscles, biceps. Performed by the different grips-wide, narrow, reverse. The use of different exercise options makes the workout more varied and effective.
  • DIPS are performed to train the triceps, chest and shoulder muscles. Exercise requires a good workout for the elbows. It is important to follow the correct technique of the exercise to get the result.
  • Push-UPS with handles train chest muscles and shoulders. A great alternative to push-UPS from the floor. Holding the handles you are more stable and your wrists do not feel discomfort from the load.
  • Leg/knee lifts allow you to train the muscles of the press. Also, there are various variations for the study of different parts of the press and the muscles of the bark. This may be the rise of the legs bent at the knee, alternately rises or rises with the rotation of the body.

A more complete set of exercises with descriptions is shown below:
Weider 200 power tower exercises
During training you will be able to train strength lats, forearms, biceps, triceps, wrists, chest, shoulders, and even your core. Some of the muscles perform an auxiliary function and are also included in the work.

Advantages of Weider 200 Power Tower

This model is not in vain for a long time included in the list of the best power tower. The robust steel frame remains stable even under the highest possible loads. The weight capacity is 300 lbs.

Perform all the exercises comfortably. Hands do not slide off the handles and horizontal bar due to the special coating. The back and armrests are trimmed with quality material and moderately soft. To make it convenient to climb on the frame there are special steps.

weider 200

The manufacturer of this equipment is the company Weider for a long time present in the market of fitness equipment. Its products are of good quality and reliability. This model power tower will be a good choice and will suit most buyers.

This is a reliable power tower. Its frame is made of high-quality durable steel. The optimum width of the power tower allows you to combine the comfort of performing exercises and stability. Quality components provide durability and ease of use. The cost is kept at the level of one hundred dollars. If you can not find and buy it Weider 200 below you can view similar models.

FAQ 2021


I think these two models are equivalent. They have similar characteristics and the last known price for both the tower strength was also approximately equal. It is worth comparing them in more detail. Possible by design, terms of purchase and warranty.


At the beginning of this page there is a link to download the manual in PDF format. We recommend you to use it.


There is no accurate figure for the height of the user. The height of the power tower 7ft. Depending on the combination of height, arm length and other features of anthropometry growth may be different. For lower users provided foot boards allow you to conveniently take the starting position.


Height 7 ft (213 cm). This is optimal for users of average growth. There is no possibility to adjust the height of the horizontal bar for this equipment.


This tower strength will be the optimal solution for training at home. It is not expensive, but it will last you a long time. The strength and successful configuration of the frame makes it stable and durable. You will be able to perform an effective workout with your own body weight at any time.


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