How We Rate

General Reviewing

First of all, we study the most popular models of fitness equipment in such stores as Amazon, Walmart. To select the best models, we study sales statistics and the number of user reviews. In addition, we communicate with representatives of several offline shops selling fitness equipment.

This is how a basic set of models of a particular type of equipment is formed. Usually it is 20 – 30 different types of equipment. The selection criteria at this stage are the popularity of the product in several stores, the number and tone of customer reviews, the main stated characteristics.

When you study reviews, we create a table of reviews and criteria, which are most often discussed in reviews, communities and forums.

How do we test and check the equipment

Most often we test the equipment ourselves. Our review team consists of 5 specialists who have been working in the fitness industry for at least 4 years. Our fellow fitness instructors are also involved in the process. In addition, we consult with professional fitness equipment dealers. We also have a certified nutritionist who advises us on nutritional supplements and nutrition programs.

how we rateYes, it is time consuming and it is not always possible to find all the models of equipment that we would like to show in the rating. It can often be a problem to find old models. In this case, we turn to social networks and ask our colleagues where we can find the equipment we need and, at the same time, the opinion about the fitness equipment in question.

If we have access, we test basic usage capabilities and record the data. We pay special attention to those complaints that we have encountered during data collection. We also try to test the benefits shown by the manufacturer or in customer testimonials.

Ratings and Reviews Updates

To prepare the ratings, we collect all criteria in a table and rank their importance. By collecting the criteria in as much detail as possible we form the final scores. We regularly update our reviews with new equipment. The information collection process usually takes several days. Most of the time is spent searching for testing equipment. In some cases we purchase testing equipment.

For reviews of specific hardware models, users can specify User Rating and share a comment. We always welcome feedback and try to answer your questions whenever possible.