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Recently I was asked how good Marcy Power Tower is and whether they are suitable for use at home. Which of the available models will be the best? It is difficult to answer without understanding the question. And I decided to consider what the brand currently offers. The cost of the models is in the range of $100 – $200. You may well buy one of them for your home. In this review, we will look at the advantages of Marcy products, their features, and their applications. So let’s start

Marcy Power Tower Detailed Reviews

Now we offer to consider in more detail each of the models of this equipment. Each of the models has its own characteristics so it is difficult to say which is better for you.

1. Pro Power Tower TC-4699

This is one of the novelties. At a modest cost, the Marcy Pro TC-4699 Power Tower meets all the quality and functionality requirements. Its frame is made of solid metal pipe.

The quality of production at a high level. We liked the softback and armrests. Smooth seams and the quality of the coating material look reliable. Performing a vertical knee raise is the most convenient. The crossbar is located on the opposite side from the arms for dips. It requires extra space but it is more convenient to do the exercises.

The horizontal bar has a specific curved shape. It has additional parallel handles. This allows you to perform a variety of pull-UPS grabs.

Special coating prevents palms from slipping. There are push-up handles at the bottom. They have a non-slip coating for safer push-UPS.

This fitness tower is designed for users up to 300 lbs. Even under considerable load, it remains stable. The design allows you to place the equipment in the house or apartment.

  • The best price
  • Weight Capacity 300 lbs
  • Good quality
  • A slight tilt of the frame seemed comfortable for training
  • There are no protective pads on the rear legs

2. Fitness Tower TC-3515

TC-3515 is a universal model for training the whole body. This is one of the most stable models. This is provided by a heavier frame and the optimal size of the legs. Perhaps You will not be so easy to move this power tower, but you can train safely.

For a more comfortable exercise provides a soft backrest and armrests. Handles contain a non-slip coating. The lower stops for push-UPS have an inclined shape. Given the inclination of the body during the exercise, it is convenient for the hands. But when we decided to test their hands a little slid down.

The horizontal bar as well as most of the power tower of this brand is curved and allows you to perform pull-UPS with different grips. The design of the model is simple. On the legs on both sides there are protective pads to avoid damaging the floor surface. The main advantage of TC-3515 is reliability and durability.

  • High strength and stability
  • Weight Capacity 300 lbs
  • Comfortable handles and horizontal bar
  • Push-up handles without anti-slip coating

3. Marcy Corner Power Tower (TC-3508)

Chin Up Dip Station VKRTC-3508 is ideal for installation in a corner or against a wall. Due to this, you can save a lot of space. At the same time, it is quite stable. This is provided by the specific shape of the legs. They’re wide enough. For additional stability, a cable is used at the rear. It distributes the load more evenly and eliminates the overturning of the frame.

Horizontal bar and parallel bars are located on one side. But this does not interfere with the exercise. Bars, if necessary, can be raised up and will not interfere. The horizontal bar is curved. Most of it is covered with a non-slip coating. Handles on parallel bars are also non-slip. The armrests are soft and comfortable.

This model is quite high quality. We found it quite comfortable and durable. We recommend that you additionally view the video review.

  • Takes up not much space when installed in a corner
  • Parallel bars are raised for greater convenience
  • There is a roller for crunches
  • Push-up handles are not located at the optimum distance

Video Review

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4. Marcy TC-5580

Multi-Functional Home Station TC-5580 – also recently appeared novelty. It has a specific design. On the one hand, it is strengthened in the Central part. But the stated weight limit is only 250 lbs. It’s enough but less than the previous models.

So that we liked it. Wonderful parallel bars. They have an optimal size and non-slip coating of the handles. To perform DIPS comfortably. Similarly, the horizontal bar is covered with a non-slip coating and has a convenient shape. The height of the power tower allows for convenient pull-UPS.

What’s wrong? The bar for doing push-UPS is located inside the frame. If you are medium build you will already be tightly wrung out. The position of the hands is not the most comfortable.

  • High frame strength
  • Takes up little space
  • Excellent parallel bars
  • It is inconvenient to perform push-UPS

5. Marcy TC-1800

This model is not a novelty. But it has long been in demand and is sold in most stores. From our point of view, it is not as functional as the other listed models, but also deserves attention.

You will be able to perform basic exercises – pull-UPS, Dips, vertical knee raise. So you can comfortably take the original position on the frame provided footboard. Parallel bars are folding. Lifting them up is simply to use the lock and the performance of tightening will be more comfortable.

For greater stability, a special pipe is provided in the rear part of the structure. But when testing this model, the power tower swayed slightly.

At the same time, there are no protective pads on the legs and we were afraid for the surface of the floor covering. It would be better to use along with your fitness mats.

  • Parallel bars folding
  • Affordable price
  • Takes up little space on the floor
  • No push-up handles
  • There is no possibility to be tightened by a narrow grip

It is safe to say that Marcy Power Tower is quite high quality and functional at an affordable cost. They will be a great choice when shopping for a home gym. If you have any questions – we welcome feedback and your comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

# What model to choose for a small space?

If there is not enough space for installation, the Marcy Corner Power Tower (TC-3508) is the best choice – it will not take much space and will be functional. An important advantage of this model will be the ability to remove the dips bar and perform pull-ups more comfortably. The specific shape of the chinning bar allows you to perform dips tall users without hitting your head. You can also pay attention to Marcy TC-1800.

# I’ve seen different characteristics in several sources, where do I see the correct one?

Detailed information on current models can be found on the manufacturer’s website. Use this link to go to the manufacturer’s website. If that’s not enough, you can use the online chat on the same site.

# Which model is the best for the money?

From what you can buy now, I would choose the Marcy Power Tower TC-3515. It has the necessary functionality, is affordable and has a good weight limit.


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