Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

Body Vision PT 600 is perfect for home workouts. Its cost is on average about a hundred dollars, but it is quite high quality and durable. We have prepared the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Review so that you can get an opinion about this model when choosing and buying. We will compare the advantages and disadvantages.

We will give an overall assessment and invite you to express your opinion if you had the opportunity to use it. Consider the main exercises that can be performed. We will answer the most frequent questions on this model. Keep reading.

We had the opportunity to try out this technology, and we can immediately say that it exceeded our expectations.

There are no special opportunities in it. But what interested us? Learn more.

Basic Characteristic

Manufacturer Body Max
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 57.50 x 42.50 x 85.75 Inches
Shipping Weight: 71.6 pounds
Weight Capacity 250 lbs
Color Gray, Black
Price Check Price

Dimensions and structure

Body Vision PT600 Dimensions

Body Vision PT600 Assembly

According to the manufacturer, you will need additional free space during Assembly – 57.5 x 42.5 W x 84.63 h inches. Before you start, check the availability and serviceability of all components, sort them into groups. The process does not take a long time. In one of the reviews, users pointed out that the Assembly did not take 30 – 60 minutes. Before use, we recommend that you read the manual.

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Design Features

1. Compact Size. This power tower has a compact size and does not take up much space. It is easy to place in any corner. In this case, the exercise will not be difficult. Handles for dips are located at a convenient width. Plastic protective nozzles are used on the legs. They eliminate to protect the floor from scratches when moving the power tower.

2. Durable and Safe. Additional connecting elements are used to strengthen the frame at the bottom. The frame is made of durable steel. Trim, armrests, and backrest made of high quality, the seams are made carefully.

3. Usability. Armrests are installed at a slight angle. This makes the vertical lifting of the knees more comfortable. The back is durable and comfortable. The horizontal bar has two options of a grip wide and narrow. The grip seats are covered with non-slip foam material. At the bottom are the handles for push-UPS. Thanks to its design, it easily fits into the interior of any apartment or house.

4. Stability. For greater stability legs on one side extended. This increases the area of support and even under high load Body Vision PT600 Power Tower remains stable.

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Exercises

Body Vision PT 600 involves performing several effective exercises with your own body weight. This will be enough for beginners to get fit. But it is important to train with the right technique. This will get the desired result and reduce the number of injuries and sprains.
Always start training with a warm-up. Give it 5 minutes even if you have no time. That’s significant.
body vision pt600 power tower exercises
Next, you can perform the following exercises:

1. Pull-UPS

Using a wide grip hangs on the bar. Slowly, without swinging, lift the body so that your chin is above the crossbar. Slowly descend to the starting position. It is important to perform the movement due to the back muscles reducing the shoulder blades in the upper position. The core muscles work Lets.
The second option is a narrow pull – back grip. Hands are located closer to each other. Tightening is performed by reducing the muscles of the hands. The work includes biceps and back muscles.

2. Dips for Triceps

This exercise is more complex technically and traumatic for the elbows. Therefore, it is important to warm them up and stretch. Holding the handles lower the body down. For a second we linger at the bottom. Raise the trunk in the original position. Do not SAG or sway.

Tip for Beginners: If you can’t do multiple repetitions, ask an assistant to help you do the bulk of the vision, and do the negative part yourself. You can also use a rubber to help with lifts. Fix it at the top of the equipment.

3. Vertical Knee Raises

Great exercise for ABS muscles. Climbing up on the strength of the tower and leaning on his back raise his legs bent at the knee up to the corner with the body in 90 degrees. Do the exercises slowly. Do not remove or shake the housing. This exercise trains the muscles of the press.

4. Push-ups with Handles

Take the starting position holding the handles. Lower the body by bending the arms at the elbow to an angle of 90 degrees. Return to the starting position. Look straight, keep your back straight. In this exercise, the muscles of the chest, triceps, and shoulders are well worked out. Using the handles makes the exercise more effective. The possible large amplitude of motion. It gives you more stretching of the chest muscles and the best of their study.

Pros & Cons

  • High quality upholstery materials
  • Rugged and stable construction
  • It doesn’t take up much space
  • Convenient distance between DIP handles
  • Comfortable crossbar
  • Pull-up rod and DIP handles are placed on one side
  • Handle pushups are not very convenient to use
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Authors Opinion

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is perfect for training if you need basic training for little money. It is quite durable has an average of the user’s weight limit that can use it. Quite good design and compact size are especially important in the absence of a large amount of free space. Handles, armrests, horizontal bars, back are quite comfortable for regular use.



Probably not. I think You should pay attention to equipment for cardio such as Steppers, treadmills or Exercise Bike. Power Tower is suitable for strength and endurance training, helps build muscle. You will spend calories and burn fat, but not as actively as with the above fitness equipment.


Like any other strength training. I recommend doing workouts lasting about an hour. It is not necessary to take long breaks between exercises and maintain medium and high intensity during the entire workout.


When we tested this model, my weight was about 205 lbs. I did not feel any difficulties. But I would not use additional weights when pull-UPS or dips. Therefore, if there is such a need, it may be worth choosing a model with a large weight capacity.


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