Power Tower Workout Routine

If you decide to use the power tower in your training this post will be useful to you. Perhaps you have already bought this equipment or just plan. In any case, these 8 exercises will allow you to build the perfect power tower workout routine. Even if you are a beginner you will be able to perform all these exercises effectively. And for those who are just starting to train will be some useful tips and tricks.
We are guided that this training will take you 50 – 60 minutes. For each exercise will be shown technique used muscle groups, recommendations on the number of repetitions and approaches. Let’s begin.

It is not necessary to understand the specified number of repetitions and sets literally. These are indicative figures. In addition, other combinations of exercises are possible.

1. Warmup

Do not forget about the warm-up. This is important for an athlete of any level. You can perform light dynamic exercises. Spend about 5 minutes doing this. So you prepare the body and nervous system to load, reduce the likelihood of injury and sprains. At the same time, it is worth warming up the whole body, not only those muscles that you plan to train.

2. Pull UPS

A great comprehensive exercise. It involves large muscle groups. The emphasis of the load depends on the width and type of grip. Therefore, we will consider each option separately. Accordingly, in training, you can combine variations of the exercises or rotate them. For beginners, we offer to perform one of the options exercises.

Pull Up with Outer Grip

pull up
If you use this grip primarily train the lats. The movement should not be accompanied by rocking. Up need to go a little faster and slowly lower the body. The upper part of the shoulder blade should be reduced. If there is no strength to perform multiple repetitions with correct technique is better to use an assistant or rubber bands.

Pull Up with Inner Grip

Pull Up with Inner Grip
When pulling back grip most of the load is distributed between the bicep and back muscles. At the same time, if you pull up reaching the lower part of the chest muscles to the crossbar, lats are included in the work and the depth of the back muscles is well worked out.

3. Push UPS

Push Ups with Power tower
To take the starting position, grasp the handles, hold the body and head straight. Slowly bend your arms at the elbows, go down almost touching the floor with your chest. Exhaling, return to the starting position.
If you are a beginner you can perform push-UPS by bending your knees. Or use rubber straps securing them on parallel bars. This will reduce the load and allow you to perform the exercise more correctly.

4. Triceps Dips

Triceps dips with Power Tower
Climb up the parallel bars. Keep the hull straight, don’t fall through. Slowly lower the body without spreading your elbows to an angle of 90 degrees between the forearm and shoulder. Return to the starting position.
This exercise is quite traumatic. Therefore, before it is necessary to perform a warm-up. No need to stoop too low or sway. This increases the risk of injury. If you are a beginner you can use special equipment or a simple rubber expander to perform Assisted Dips. It will be easier for you to master the right technique. Also, during the first training, ask your assistant to keep your legs straight.

5. Vertical Knee Raises

Vertical Knee Raises with Power Tower
Take the starting position. To do this, rest your forearms on parallel bars, the body on the back. The arms are bent at an angle of about 90 degrees in the elbows. Raise your legs to a 90-degree angle, take a minimal pause and return to the starting position. There are options for performing the exercise. Lifting your leg can be bent at the knee, or lift straight. For a better study of the muscles of the lower ABS lift the legs above include in the movement of the pelvis. In any case, do not swing, follow the movement under control. In our opinion, this is one of the best exercises for power tower ab workout routine

6. Triceps Dip Assisted

Power Tower Triceps Dip Assisted
Triceps Dip Assisted is a great exercise for training your triceps. For its performance the bench or other support can be used. In our case it will be a comfortable hand crank power tower. We recommend to install them at the desired height. Try to hold the body with your hands and do not use your legs when lifting the torso. Do this exercise after the main one or in super series.

7. Inverted Row

Inverted Row with pull up tower
Additional loops allow you to perform this exercise. They are not in all powers.
The technique of the exercise
Take the handles with your hands and lean back. The body needs to be held almost vertically at a slight angle. Hands straighten your back and keep your head straight. Start by bending your arms at the elbow. Put into work the middle back muscles maximally reducing the blade. Take a short pause and return to the starting position. Watch your breath. Make 4-5 sets with the maximum number of repetitions with the correct technique.

8. Single leg Squat

Single leg Squat
To get progress you need to include in the training exercises for the muscles of the legs. They can be trained and separately, but here is one of the exercises that can be comfortably performed with the power tower.
Become a back to the power tower in a step away from it. Set your first foot on the horizontal bar of the force tower. Keep your head and back straight. Slowly squat on the second leg to an angle of 90 degrees at the knee. With a minimal pause, return to the starting position. Make the planned number of repetitions. Swap the legs and repeat the desired number of repetitions.
It’s a complicated movement. In the beginning, it will be difficult to keep the balance, so it is important to stay level and not look down. More advanced athletes use additional weight.

9. Sit UPs

Sit-ups with power tower
For a more comfortable performance of this exercise, we recommend using a fitness Mat. Lie down on it and fix the feet. Legs bent at the knee. Hands can be crossed on the chest or put behind the head. On the way out lift the body keeping the back straight. Return to the starting position.
It is important to keep the head exactly, to perform the movement by bending the back and lifting the case. There are different variations of the exercise. You can twist with a turn to the sides. Alternately crosswise the elbow touching the knee. Or, an additional weight can be used, which rises when lifting.

Infographics For Download

In case you do not have time to read this post now you can download a short version of this information in the form of infographics in PDF.

We offer you to download Power Tower Workout PDF

Q&A about Power Tower Workout

Q: What are the benefits of power tower exercise?

A: These exercises will be effective for training most users. These are basic exercises that allow you to maintain and develop your physical shape.

Q: What results you can expect from power tower training?

A: With regular training to improve your strength and endurance. By combining training with other exercises you will be able to develop muscle mass.

Q: What's the best ab power tower exercise?

A: For me it is definitely Vertical Knee Raise. It should be combined with other exercises or its variations for greater efficiency.

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  1. Thank you very much, I recently acquired the power tower and did not use it fully as possible. The main thing I did was pull-UPS and dips. You helped me make my training more varied.

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