Power Press Push Up Board

Push Ups are one of the basic exercises. There are included in training the muscles of the chest, shoulders, triceps. The distribution of the load depends on the variant of arm placement. But not everyone understands how to do it right. To simplify the task, you can use Power Press Push Up Board. This special equipment allows you to increase the efficiency of the push-UPS.

It is a stable platform with colour-coded holes and a pair of comfortable handles. Changing their position, you can perform push-UPS conveniently and focused on a specific muscle group. Consider what are the advantages of using this equipment, what additional features it provides. So proceed

Push Up Board Description

The set of equipment includes a Board with holes in which the pins of the handles are inserted, two durable non-slip handles and instructions for using the Board. Board and handles in black. The holes are marked with several colors. This makes it easier to use the Board in conjunction with the instructions. Just unpack, warm up and start training. Due to its simplicity, it is an ideal solution for beginners who have not developed the necessary technique for performing exercises.

The Board consists of two parts, when stored it takes a minimum of space and it is convenient to carry. Below shows how does the Push Up Board with the purchase (box on both sides)


Dimensions:38.2 x 24 x 2 inches
Shipping Weight:10.4 pounds
Model numberMFGPP0312
IncludedBoard, Hand Grips, 10 week Workout Calendar
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Main Advantages

  • innovative color-coded push-up board targets specifics muscle tissue worked (chest, shoulders and triceps)
  • training with different angles and positions for the most diverse and effective upper body training
  • the most detailed support for beginners-clear instructions for training, video instructions on the channel in YouTube
  • portable, simple assembly and storage
  • premium, cushioned, Non-slip hand grips

Practicality and ease of use

Another important advantage of this model is the ease of use. Its size is optimal, you can easily take it with you to workout in the gym. Since the Board consists of two halves, it makes it even more convenient for storage and transportation. Also, it’s not heavy.

Opinion of a Fitness Trainer

I recommend the use of such equipment particularly for beginners. With Push Up Board significantly reduces the likelihood of injury and increases the effectiveness of training. It also simplifies the development of the correct technique. In this regard, the Board will be more preferable than the Push Up Bars.

Power Press Push Up Board Workout Video

Multiple Positions + Multiple Angles = Better Outcomes

Power Press Push Up Board is a versatile colour-coded push-up board gadget that maximizes upper body power and definition. 14 options for the position of the hands for the most effective training of hands, shoulders, chest. Combine exercises in a super series for maximum effect.

Goal particular muscle tissue: Shoulders, Chest, again and Triceps

Goal specific muscle organizations when the use of strength Press Push Up’s colour-coded training system: Shoulders (pink), Chest (Blue), returned (Yellow), and Triceps (inexperienced).


10-week exercise Calendar

To get a tangible result and not give up provided 10-week training plan. It allows you to perform self-control and motivate yourself to workout. For a development of the correct equipment of exercises without the trainer are written down and placed on the YouTube channel of the producer. With them, you will not make common mistakes, reduce the number of injuries and accelerate the result.

Frequently Asked Questions


Its dimensions are 38.2 x 24 x 2 inches


If you are injured, it is better to visit a doctor first and cure your hand. Some users do not experience injury discomfort in the wrists during push-UPS. Training with Power Press Push Up Board you will be much more comfortable to perform the exercise..

9 Total Score

Power Press Push Up Board is a great equipment for training. It will be indispensable for beginners and training at home. Allows you to speed up the results by increasing the variety and effectiveness of training. Makes exercise comfortable. We recommend you to pay attention to this Board. Check current price here

  • easy and convenient to use
  • makes exercise more convenient
  • takes up little space and easy to store
  • quite low cost
  • the size is calculated for the average user
  • trains a limited group of muscles
User Rating: 3.78 (27 votes)
  1. Hi. Thank you for this review. I bought a similar Board on the recommendation of a fitness instructor. It has accelerated progress. It is more convenient to perform the exercise and I started doing push-UPS different grip. Therefore, I can also recommend Power Press Push Up Board to all beginners.

  2. Reply
    Sheila Robertson 09.05.2019 at 03:54

    My board didnt come with any instructions. What are the 16 round rubber pads for?

    • Hi Sheila.
      With this Power Press Push Up Board, I didn’t get any similar pads. Maybe you have purchased similar Push-Up Board for example Gowind7 which uses round plugs. I didn’t have a Board like that. My guess is that these round rubber pads can be used to prevent slipping.

  3. I just got a board & came with no instructions. Do I use it everyday, how many reps? Do I do all exercises every time or what? Maybe you can answer my questions. Thank you

    • Hey.
      There is no single correct approach to training. We must proceed from the goals and opportunities. I think the most detailed and clear will be the materials from the manufacturer’s channel Power Press Push Up Board – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoHOHOmCwv2BBxjcNXq8AWA!
      They have not lost relevance and contain recommendations for training with such equipment. I hope it will be useful for you

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