Total Gym XLS Review

This equipment is allows a simple and effective way of training at home. Given its great popularity, we have prepared Total Gym XLS Review. It will consider in detail the advantages and disadvantages of this model, the possibility of its use. To prepare, we studied the opinions of those who bought it and our colleagues from several gyms.

Total Gym XLS Review

We will not postpone and consider the specification of the equipment.

Product Specification

This model of Total Gym has average characteristics and good functionality. It is worth noting the high strength and durability of the frame. About the rest of the much detail:

Brand Total Gym
ASIN: B00169CU66
User Height Limit: 6’ 2”
Weight capacity: 400 lbs.
Rollers: Sealed precision ball bearings
Pulleys: Chromed steel pulley case with plastic pulley wheel
Rolling Range: 36.5”
Resistance Levels: Six Levels 26 degrees, ranging to 6 degrees and 6% to 54% of body weight.
Folded: 19” x 51” x 9”
In Use: 19” x 90” x 43”
Warranty Lifetime on Frame, 2 Years on Moving Parts.
Price Check Here

How to Set Up Total GYM XLS

Most of the users have doubts that they will have difficulties with the Assembly. The design seems too complicated. There are many elements, and they are afraid to get confused. To show that the Setup is a simple process to cope with any user is recommended to study the following video:

When installing and configuring Total Gym XLS, you must use safety pins. They allow you to conveniently and reliably fix the angle of inclination of the equipment.
Follow the safety rules. Do not grasp the edge of the rail when you unfold the equipment as you can pinch your finger. Always use safety pins. Bright stickers are glued on them so that you don’t lose them or forget to use them.
Total Gym XLS safety pins

Assembly Instructions & User Manual

You may need to configure some items. The versatility of this fitness equipment involves the installation of Attachment to perform a variety of exercises. To make it easier and faster to understand all these issues, we have prepared to download the manufacturer’s manual. It contains information on how to build, configure, and use Total GYM in this series.

Download Total Gym XLS Manual in PDF (752 KB)
Together with the equipment you get a complete set of Start it UP DVD training materials in an accessible format for beginners. In addition, there is a special booklet for each muscle group, which describes how to perform exercises in detail. A special holder is provided in the front part to make it convenient to use.

Features (Pros & Cons)

The Total Gym XLS allows you to maintain and improve good physical shape without leaving home. This option is suitable for most users. When choosing the most important Pros & Cons are:

  • Good reliability and supported weight 400 lbs
  • Reliable pulleys and cable system
  • High-quality finish and comfortable handles
  • Ability to perform about 80+ exercises
  • It’s expensive enough
  • The bottom round back is not very strong

The pulley system is made of rugged steel. You do not hear any loud noise while exercising. The main mechanisms that are involved in the movement of the platform is quite simple and practical. There is no need for complex adjustments.

High-quality frame provides stability. The manufacturer gives it a lifetime warranty. Glideboard has a high-quality coating and medium stiffness. This makes the exercise comfortable. The wide backrest allows even big guys to sit comfortably on it. Another plus is the lack of rigid seams and quality coverage.
Total Gym XLS Review

The ability to fold equipment and store it more conveniently is very useful when using at home. Total GYM XLS conveniently and quickly folds and moves easily. You can easily start using this equipment in your training. A variety of exercises allows you to train different muscle groups.

Total GYM XLS Workouts

For this equipment provided 400 lbs weight capacity. It can be user weight as well as additional weight. To use all the features of Total GYM XLS it is recommended to use DVD to learn the technique of performing exercises. This approach will allow you to train more effectively and reduce the number of injuries. Also, the exercises are shown in the instructions that we have placed above.

Total GYM XLS Workout

To streamline the process of training and record your results, we recommend using a training plan. In the user manual there is an example of Workout Progress Chart. This is also an additional motivation for the growth of the result from training to training.

In the accompanying materials, there is a recommendation for training depending on your training goals and level of fitness.

Fitness Goal Repetition Range Time per week Sets
Weight Loss 15 – 20 Begginer – 3 to 5
Intermediate – 4 to 6
Begginer – 1 to 3
Intermediate – 2 to 4
Endurance / Toning 12 – 15 Begginer – 3 to 5
Intermediate – 4 to 6
Begginer – 1 to 3
Intermediate – 2 to 4
Strenght & Muscle Building 8 – 12 Begginer – 3 to 5
Intermediate – 4 to 6
Begginer – 1 to 3
Intermediate – 2 to 4

Use one of several adjustable rail angles to adjust the resistance level. This is accomplished by using several clips.

Possible Exercises

You can train different muscle groups using your body weight and, if necessary, additional weight. Conditionally it is possible to divide exercises: squats, leg curls, pull ups, cross cable row, bicep curl, pullover, lying triceps extension, oblique twister, outer hip & thing.

Total Gym XLS Attachments:

Attachments are used to perform individual exercises. They allow you to fix the cable to the leg, install additional handles or install additional weight. Includes Wing Attachment, Leg Pull Accessory, Ribbed Squat Stand. Other add-ons are optional and can be purchased additionally.

total gym xls attachments

With the applications, you significantly increase the functionality and training opportunities with Total Gym. Installation of each accessory is effortless. But you don’t have to buy them right away.

Weight Bar

When using the Weight Bar, you can install standard discs from the rod. This will increase resistance and make the exercise more difficult. The bar is installed in a special hole. It is recommended to use clamps for safer training.

Weight Bar
When installing the bar and additional weight, the total load on Total GYM should not exceed 400 lbs. The ability to use this add-on attachments Total Gym XLS from other models.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


Total Gym comes partially assembled. You do not need to perform significant actions. The equipment is qualitatively Packed. You just take it out and start using it.


Yes, you can train the muscles of the stomach and core.


It’s not necessary. The equipment has good stability. But you can also use the puzzle mats. This will protect the floor from possible damage.


This equipment is perfect for training at home. You will be able to do more than 80 exercises on different muscle groups. The Total GYM XLS is suitable for beginners as well as experienced athletes. For more functionality, you can consider purchasing additional Attachments.

An important advantage of this type of equipment is that it minimizes injuries. Also the equipment is folded and does not take much space, which is convenient to use at home. The quality of materials and the strength of the frame of the contusion is not in doubt. We recommend that you pay attention to this model when choosing fitness equipment for the home gym.

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