Weider Ultimate Body Works Review

Weider Ultimate Body Works is an adjustable sloping bench with cable pulleys and cords. The equipment is easy to use and effective enough for a variety of home workouts. Perhaps that’s why it has become a bestseller on the Amazon and in many other stores.

In this article we will consider in detail the main advantages and uses, which parts of the body can be used for a workout. We will discuss for whom this equipment is most suitable and what are the alternatives. Here we go.

Main Features

If you want to train regularly at home and keep your body in good shape, Weider Ultimate provides you with equipment that’s great for it.

Training uses your own body weight and extra resistance. That’s why the risk of injury is minimal. There is no significant strain on the joints. You improve your health, not risk it. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily master and use Weider Ultimate Body Works for training.

The equipment does not take up much space. Adjustable to individual user settings. Good quality materials make your workout comfortable. And its sturdiness and stability ensure safety. You can train all muscle groups at any time.

There are a range of alternatives that cost more and some will be more functional. But why this equipment has become so popular? Let’s look at the advantages in detail.

Design Features

1. Compact. This equipment combines functionality, reliability and compact size. The Ultimate Body Works bench can be easily folded to a compact size for storage in a cupboard or under a bed. The width of the legs and the design features are well balanced and stable. Exercise is safe at any intensity.
SpaceSaver Design
Foot plate is easy to take off. In this form, the equipment is easier to move and store.

2. Telescoping Design. This feature is important for the comfort of the exercise by users of different height. In addition, it increases functionality.
Design features

3. Adjustable incline. The 8 tilt angles of the bench are used to adjust the resistance level. To increase or decrease the load and difficulty of a workout is as easy as possible. You can also use the bench in a horizontal position. But once it’s too easy, the tilt angles are very useful.

4. Quality of materials. The robust frame has a maximum load of 250 lbs. It is sufficiently sturdy and stable. Support Leg is safe for all types of flooring. Changing the bench tilt angle is easy and secure.
Quality of materials
The surface of the backrest is covered with a wear-resistant material. The seams are made qualitatively and do not go outside. The body is not pressurized during training. The filler is medium-hard foam.

The handles at the top are flat, uncoated and easy to use. Foam rollers are provided for fixing the shin.

5. Additional Resistance. Besides the weight of your own body you can use additional resistance. Use up to 4 resistance strips up to 50 lbs. Excellent opportunity to improve your results.
Additional Resistance

Ease of Assembly

The equipment is sold in partially assembled form. All you have to do is to connect the parts and check the reliability of the connection. Let’s say at once that for the given equipment it is enough simply to order details if necessary.

Within 90 days you are given a full warranty on the equipment and parts. During this time, you will be able to accurately check the performance of all mechanisms, the presence of defects and breakdowns. In part shops warranty can be extended.

Manual (Setup Instructions)

The Weider Ultimate frame is light but strong. As it comes pre-assembled when purchased, it makes the assembly process much easier. But you’ll need to connect the base stabilizers, the foot plate, and the handle at the top of the structure.
Weider Ultimate Body Works setup instructions
To simplify the task, as well as for the possibility of performing maintenance, we suggest you to read the user manual. In it the complete set, the step-by-step algorithm of assembly and adjustment of the bench is detailed. You can download it by link Weider Ultimate Body Works Setup Instructions.

The equipment is stable. But depending on the type of floor covering you may need a mat. It will prevent the legs from sliding. For storage, it is recommended to remove the footplastic and handlebar to make the equipment completely flat and compact.

An important problem of strength training with the barbell is a negative impact on the spine. Lower back pains may occur. Training with this kind of equipment has a more sparing effect. If you already have a Lower Back Pain you will benefit from this article.

Weider Ultimate Body Works Exercises

This equipment allows performing more than fifty different exercises on different muscle groups. To start with, you can use the bench in a horizontal position without additional resistance. Then, having mastered the technique, you can increase the load by changing the angle of the bench tilt.

There are two steps to be taken before training starts:

  • Install the equipment, adjust it to suit your needs.
  • Perform warm-up in the form of gymnastics or light warm-up approaches.

Let’s look at the exercises for the main muscle groups.

Abs Exercises

For those who want to get rid of excess weight, the press is the main target. Weider Ultimate Body Works allows you to do a number of exercises that, together with standard curls and a plank, will achieve faster results.
Abs exercises

The easiest option is to use the equipment as an inclined bench. It is an excellent option for training both straight and oblique muscles of the press. It is also possible to perform combined exercises in which the cortical muscles, arms and shoulders are involved.

Chest exercises

Weider’s fitness machine allows you to do exercises similar to Crossover. The body remains stationary, the movement is performed with both hands simultaneously in the direction of each other.

Chest exercises

The higher the tilt angle is set, the more force is required. If you do the exercise too easily, the additional resistance is set. Try to perform the exercise slowly, with the fixation at the last point.

Legs exercises

There is a removable platform for foot training exercises on the bench. With its help, you can perform squats. To make the task more difficult, the squats can be performed alternately on one leg. This allows you to focus more precisely on your technique.

Legs exercises

But it’s not the only way to train leg muscles. You can also do exercises such as Lunch, Twisting Squat and others. It is also worth stretching between exercises while your muscles are well warmed up.

Arms exercises

Hand exercises can be like multi-joint exercises where several muscle groups and isolated ones are actively involved. You can train your biceps, triceps and deltoid muscles.
Arms exercises

The general recommendation is to move slowly and with the right technique. Do not try to perform as many repetitions as possible.

Weider Ultimate Body Works Exercises Chart PDF

If you plan to actively use this equipment, you will surely benefit from a pdf format chart. You can print it out or just study and make your training more varied.

We recommend that you try most of these exercises and choose the most appropriate one for you. After that, make your personal training plan and keep track of your progress. This will be an additional motivation to do better and more developing every day.

Review Overview

Weider Ultimate Body Works is one of the best models among such equipment. Despite its compact size, it is functional and comfortable to use. You can easily place it in an apartment and have no difficulty storing the bench in a folded visage. At relatively low cost, it is second only to more expensive alternatives.

Maximum Weight 250 lbs will be annoying for most users. At the same time the frame is as stable and strong as possible. Additional resistance is an important advantage.

  • 250 Lbs Weight Limit
  • Telescoping design
  • 4 resistance bands (resistance up to 50 lbs)
  • 50+ exercises
  • Space-saver fold-flat design
  • High quality materials
  • Minimal risk of injury or strain
  • Requires more space than a press bench
  • Not if you want to build muscle mass quickly

Frequently Asked Questions

# How to fold weider ultimate body works ?

It’s as simple as possible. It is recommended to remove the steering wheel and the footrest. Fold the telescopic frame. It is easier to move and store the equipment in this form until the next workout.

# How long does it take to assemble the equipment?

It’ll take about 30 minutes. You do not need to use the extra resistance rubber bands immediately. It is important to check that the main elements are securely fastened and that the frame is stable. We recommend that you download and use the instruction manual.

# Will training be effective only with this equipment?

If your goal is to maintain good physical activity and strengthen your muscles then this equipment will be sufficient. You will not build huge muscles, but you can actively develop strength and endurance.

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