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Exercises with your own body weight are perfect for training at home. To workout was more diversity there is a need to purchase additional equipment. In this review, we compare the Best Power Tower 2020. With this equipment you will be able to perform PullUPS, dips, train the muscles of the press and more comfortable to perform PushUPS. This is multifunctional equipment at a fairly cheap price. You can train lats, shoulders, chest, arms, shoulders, ABS.

We will compare the power towers by general parameters and consider detailed reviews of the best models. We have also prepared a Buyer’s Guide. It gives basic advice on the choice of this equipment. Let’s begin.

ТОР 10 Power Towers 2020

First of all, compare the best power tower models by the main parameters of the choice.


General information and comparison may not be sufficient to make a decision. Therefore, we have prepared detailed reviews that will take into account the existing advantages and disadvantages, as well as peculiarities. For many users, every detail can be important. So go to more detailed best-rated power towers reviews.

1. Bowflex BodyTower

In short Bowflex BodyTower is a good model for beginners. It combines good design, usability, technical characteristics, and functionality. Due to the specific shape of the footrests, the power tower is very stable. Even when training the user weight close to the maximum there is no hesitation.

A large amount of questions about this model is associated with an Assembly and use. So you don’t spend the time to search and quickly find a solution to these issues, we have prepared for you two Bowflex BodyTower manuals:


For users, instructions on the exercises that can be performed are available. Specific options allow you to do many exercises or perform them more comfortably. Includes Handgrips and sling strap. They allow you to perform some exercises similar to training with TRX loops.
In total, it is possible to perform 20+ exercises.

To make it easier, use the instructions for use, which clearly shows the technique of the exercises. It will also be useful to see the movie at the beginning of the block, or consult with a trainer. After that you will be able to intelligently create for yourself a set of exercises.

  • Hand sling straps included
  • Sturdy, stable frame
  • The greater the amount of exercises available
  • Comfortable horizontal bar and non-slip handles
  • For some users, there was not enough weight limit

We think that this pull-up station one of the best at the moment. Therefore, we have prepared a detailed overview of the equipment. Here you will find full specifications and descriptions. In addition, there is one option offered training programs with the pull-up tower in infographics.

2. FITNESS REALITY X-Class High Capacity Multi-Function Tower

Fitness Reality X Class combines functionality, build quality and high durability. You should pay attention to this heavy-duty pull-up station. If you are satisfied with the cost. A durable frame of high-quality steel can withstand a user weight of up to 400 lbs. For maximum stability, there are holes in the legs that allow you to fix the fitness station to the floor.

Fitness REALITY is more functional than standard models. You can perform PullUPS, PushUPS, dip, vertical knee raise, you can also perform crunches. A workout is comfortable. This is ensured by the good quality of all the elements. The back and armrests are covered with high-quality upholstery. Non-slip handles will allow being fixed reliably during training. Horizontal bar and bars are placed on different sides.


On the frame there is a possibility of mounting the handles with soft foam rollers. You just run a simple movement and you can perform additional exercise. This increases the number of possible exercises and makes training more diverse.
Fitness Reality Exercises
A total of available about 20 different exercises. Thanks to increased resistance, optimal width between handles training process is convenient and safe. Don’t miss the video overview showing the possibilities of training and the main advantages of this model.

  • Weight capacity up to 400 lbs.
  • Good functionality – 20 different exercises
  • Warranty: 10 years frame, 3 years parts and 2 years wearable parts
  • Increased resistance and can be mounted in the floor
  • High cost
  • Heavyweight – 150 lbs. (Important if you need to move)

3. Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 Pull UP Station

Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 is a typical power tower. It has basic features for training. Why is she in our ranking? At a cost of just over a hundred dollars, it is very high quality. The sturdy frame is made of powder coated steel. It is intended for use by users weighing up to 300 lbs.

With this Dip Station, you will be able to perform exercises with your own body as comfortable as possible. Gold’s Gym company has extensive experience in the fitness industry. With excellent properties, the price is very affordable.

So you do not have difficulties with the Assembly and use of this equipment, we have prepared for you the user manual – Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower Manual

Handles with non-slip coating and soft armrests, comfortable back will allow you to train comfortably. Most often, the training includes such exercises: pull-ups, pushups, vertical knee raises and dips. You get a good workout for your upper body. And if this is enough for you then why pay more for unnecessary features?

  • Good quality manufacture
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent design
  • Available only to basic exercises

4. Soozier Home Fitness Station (Best for ABS Exercises)

Soozier 80 ” Full Body Power Tower is perfect for you if your main goal is 6-pack ABS. In addition to the basic features included Adjustable Sit Up Bench to perform SIT UP. You can adjust the angle of the bench in one of the seven available options. The height of the upper leg retainer is also adjustable. This is important because with any growth it will be possible to perform twists conveniently.

The bench has a solid foundation. The finish is very high quality and pleasant to the touch. It is reliably fixed and exercises with its use safely and comfortably.

Otherwise, this model is also very good. It has a Weight Capacity of up to 660 lbs. Most of the buyers in their reviews confirmed the high reliability of the Soozier Fitness Station. Arms with armrests for dips and knee raises are height adjustable. The back and armrests are finished with a double seam.

No horizontal bar. It is replaced by two handles with the possibility of two grip options. This is a drawback, as there is no possibility to catch up with a narrow grip. But it is also an advantage for high athletes. They sometimes complain that the horizontal bar prevents them from performing dip.

You can adjust the equipment according to its growth. Fixing elements to the frame have been simplified. Legs equipped special protective caps. This protects the floor from damage during training. But since the power Tower is heavy enough, it is better to use puzzle mats.

  • Adjustable sit up bench included
  • 660 lbs Weight Capacity
  • Excellent build quality
  • Users complained about the lack of clear instructions

5. Steelbody Power Tower

Steelbody STB-98501 has a non-standard frame. The back and armrests are set back. Also, the handles for dips are easily removable. This allows you to perform pull-ups as conveniently as possible.

The curved horizontal bar provides several grip options. Below, there is a possibility of fixing the rubber bands. You can use them to simplify pull-ups or perform exercises as shown in the video.

The presence of Leghold foam roller provides additional exercises for the muscles of the press. You can conveniently place this equipment and it will not affect the comfort of training.

Training Opportunities

As we have already said despite the non-standard form frame conveniently enough exercise. The shape of the legs makes Power Tower more stable. So you can train safely and comfortably.
Parallel bars are easily removed and installed. They will not disturb you when doing pull-ups. The height of the horizontal bar is not regulated. Its shape suggests the possibility of using a different grip. Features of use shown in the video.

  • High structural strength
  • Comfortable design of the frame for pull-ups
  • Comfortable armrests, backrest and foot holder
  • Not everyone can arrange the placement of the handles for pushups

6. Weider 200 Power Tower

Weider Power Tower has long been the best power tower for home use because of the combination of good quality, reliability and affordable cost. The frame structure is made of solid steel with powder coating. The Weight capacity 300 lbs.

We have prepared for you an instruction where it is indicated what this equipment consists of, its dimensions, how it is assembled and used – Weider 200 Power Tower Manual

What are the benefits of the fitness station? It combines good cost, practicality and builds quality. Pull Up Tower can be placed in any convenient corner and it will allow you to carry out regular training and to be in excellent shape.

You will be able to perform a standard set of exercises and train your upper body, back, arms, shoulders, chest and press muscles. We are interested in the power Tower, and we did a more detailed review, which can be viewed at the links below. Recommend it to see if you fit this model of equipment.
  • Good quality in every detail
  • Low cost – an average of about $100
  • Simple Assembly and good design
  • Only standard training opportunities

7. Adidas Power Tower

Adidas Power Tower allows you to perform pull-ups, pushups using handles, dips and leg lifts for the muscles of the press. Parallel bars rise up and do not interfere with the implementation of pull-ups.

The horizontal bar is curved and allows you to perform exercises with a different grip. The specific lining and shape of the legs make the station more stable.

It is worth noting that this Pull-UP tower takes up little space, but the shape of the legs allows it to remain stable. The brand took care of the quality of each element. Pushup handles are located at an optimal distance. Perhaps not everyone will like the angle of the internal grips.

  • Good quality of famous brand
  • Adjustable parallel bars
  • Stability
  • There is overpayment for a well-known brand

8. Stamina 1690 Power Tower

Stamina 1690 is the cheapest among quality power towers. The high-quality frame is stable even at maximum loads. The handles are non-slip and conveniently located. The weight of the frame is small and you can easily move it.

Here you can download detailed instructions for the Assembly and use of this equipment – Stamina 1690 power tower manual (Assembly Instructions)

Handles for a dip and horizontal bar are placed on opposite sides. This allows you to perform exercises conveniently. But recall that it is assumed simultaneous training of only one user. The manufacturer gives a 5-year warranty on the frame and 90 days on the parts.

  • Better Price (less than one hundred dollars)
  • Good quality
  • Practical and simple design
  • No backrest for convenient vertical knee raise

9. Reliancer Power Tower

This power tower with adjustable bench is from Reliancer with high Weight Capacity 800 lbs. Reinforced frame made of durable steel provides high strength and stability of the equipment. With such characteristics, the cost is quite affordable.

The second advantage is the availability of an adjustable bench. To save space, it can be used as needed. In addition, its back is adjustable in angle. There are 4 variants of the provision. In the frame of the power tower mounted hooks to install the rod. There are two pairs of hooks placed at different heights. The height of this fitness station is adjustable.

You can adjust the horizontal bar and parallel bars on his growth which is very convenient. The bench can be decomposed, assembled and installed on a fitness tower or removed. This allows you to get the multifunctionality and convenience of use of the equipment.

Attached to the frame hooks allow you to bet on them the barbell and perform the bench press. Perhaps they are not designed for large weight. But for beginners, it will be a very useful addition.

  • 800 lbs Weight Capacity
  • Adjustable bench included
  • Height adjustment of the horizontal bar
  • Bench doesn’t look very strong

10. Merax Boxing Power Tower

Mirax Boxing Power Tower with Boxing Bag combines training with your own body weight and punching bag. The kit includes a small Double End Bag. If desired, another Boxing bag weighing up to 55 lbs can be used. Adjustable parallel bars make pull-ups more convenient. This model has a good design, comfortable grips for pushups.

So with this fitness tower, you can not only train using your body weight but also perform workouts with a punching bag at home. These are good opportunities at an affordable price.

The specific form of the legs of the frame makes the equipment more durable and sturdy. The possibility of fixing the bag two points would train with him even when the hardware is installed in the apartment.

Benefits of Training:

Among the available tightening exercises. The curved shape of the horizontal bar allows you to use a different grip. To perform leg lifts provides comfortable backrest and armrests. Your hands will not slip when doing pushups using the handles. Each handle has a softcover. On the rear rack attached foam roller. Conveniently fix your feet more comfortable and do crunches for the abdominal muscles.

A workout with the tether-ball provides the ability to conveniently navigate and approached during a workout. Fixing is performed using special rings onto the frame.

  • Boxing bag included
  • Adjustable parallel bars
  • Good design
  • Small weight capacity

How to Use?

Before using, you need to compile and install the equipment. After that, we recommend the use of the manuals for the Assembly to prevent errors and collect all properly and securely. This ensures that workouts. The legs are usually equipped with plastic plugs that protect the floor surface. But we recommend you to use puzzle mats.

The advantage of using the power of the tower is the ability to perform effective exercises with the weight of your own body. You can post and use the plant home, apartment or garage. Core exercises that are available for this type of fitness equipment are:

  • Pull-ups – for back muscles and Lats
  • Pushups – for chest muscles
  • Dips – for triceps
  • Vertical Knee Raises – for the development of ABS muscle

It is important to perform the exercises with proper technique. This provides efficiency and safety training. You lessen the probability of injury and the faster you get the results. So you can easily start using Power Tower we recommend reading our article Power Tower Workout Routine

$ Buying Guide 2019

Thinking about buying a power tower and choosing the best option is to determine the parameters of choice. What to look for first? To use this type of equipment was convenient and long-term is to compare the following parameters:

  • QUALITY. It is difficult to determine the quality of anything when buying online if you have not used it before. But you can take into account the manufacturer. If the company is not known to anyone, it is necessary to learn more about it at the beginning. If this is a well-known manufacturer of fitness equipment, it is an additional advantage.
    Take a closer look at the photo. Also, pay attention to the terms and conditions of the warranty.
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY. You need to consider your current weight. It is desirable that the highest possible weight limit by at least 20-30% higher than your weight. Otherwise, the frame of power tower can sway and the workout will not be comfortable. In some cases, the design provides for the possibility of fixing the power of the tower to the floor.
    If it is important for you to choose a stable power tower with a good weight limit, then pay attention to the Soozier Home Fitness Station or a model from FITNESS REALITY. This is a proven, reliable equipment.
  • FUNCTIONALITY. You can start either from the exercises in your training plan or from the muscle groups that we want to develop. In some cases, you should choose a model with the ability to perform additional exercises.
  • PRICE. Most important when choosing a product determine how much you are willing to spend. Almost all buyers have a limited budget. The price starts at $80-100. In some cases, you overpay for the brand, but get confidence in the quality.
    If your budget is modest, we recommend you to pay attention to the models from Stamina, Weider, Gold’s Gym. You will not get additional functionality. But it will be really high quality and durable power tower.

If you have any questions about choosing a power tower model or comparison, reviews, prices or any other questions you can ask them in the comments. We will be glad to answer you and provide possible assistance in finding the most suitable offers at a good price. Always welcome feedback

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


It may well be a Bowflex BodyTower. It allows you to perform not only the basic exercises but also additional. This advantage is important not only for advanced users, but also for beginners.


Adidas Power Tower is quite compact. It is easy to place on a small area.


One of the most famous STAMINA® OUTDOOR FITNESS POWER TOWER. It involves the use of outdoor.


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