MaxiClimber XL-2000 Reviews

In this review, we will consider a new version of Vertical Climber from one of the most famous manufacturers of such fitness equipment. So we’ve prepared a MaxiClimber XL-2000 Reviews. It is one of the best novelties that has become an improved model of equipment for full-body training.

It is one of the most effective options for burning calories for aerobic loads. Let’s take a closer look at this machine. In this post, we will study in detail the features of the equipment, the possibilities of its adjustment and use in your workouts.

Compared to other cardio equipment, Vertical Climber burns almost twice as many calories. Either you need half the time. That sounds a little unexpected. We’re used to spending at least one to two hours on a treadmill to burn calories. But this is different. You can burn over 500 calories in just one hour. But that’s not all. The cost of a good treadmill starts at $1,000.

The cost of this equipment is more than half the price. Interesting? Let’s look at the advantages of the MaxiClimber XL in detail.

MaxiClimber XL Features

Earlier we reviewed the rating of the best models of such equipment. One of the older MaxiClimber models took the leading position. Now the manufacturer has released a more advanced model.

Now the maximum user weight can be up to 300 lbs and the height is 6.6 ft. Given the active use of mobile devices, the Mobile Device Holder is now available. Now you can comfortably watch videos or listen to music during your workout.

MaxiClimber XL-2000 Features

Functionality has increased. The user selects the load based on 12 Resistance Levels. This will allow both novices and more experienced users to use the equipment.

The frame of this machine is made of aluminum. It is light and strong. Besides, the frame is foldable and there is no motor. This makes it easy to move and store. Special wheels are available for easy and safe movement. Thanks to its compact size, you can easily find a place to place it.

Good stability and an anti-slip leveling mechanism make your workout safer. The legs have special tips to protect the floor surface from damage.


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Weight limit: 300 lbs
Dimensions: 25.78” x 41.33”
Adjustable height: up to 6′ 6″
Resistance: 12 levels
Mainframe Aluminium
Mobile device holder +

1. Assembly of Equipment (PDF instructions)

For ease of use, Vertical Climber comes 90% Pre-Assembled. The installation and assembly process takes minimal time and is effortless. To simplify your task, we have an assembly manual available for download:

You will also find recommendations for use, configuration, and warnings. We recommend that you read them before use.

2. Ease of use

Changing the resistance level is as simple and fast as possible. The additional side handles are more comfortable than in the classic model. We would like to mark the pedals separately. They are wide and do not slide at all, which is especially important for such equipment.

3. Reliability

Durable and lightweight construction is stable during the exercises. In a compact size, the legs are wide and stable enough. The maximum permissible weight for the user is 300 lbs. Handles with quality coating are not slippery.

Workout Programs

This Vertical Climber uses hydraulic resistance and has a 12-Level Hydraulic Resistance System. This significantly increases your training ability. You can work out at different paces including HIIT, burning the maximum amount of calories in a short period of time.

The set of this equipment does not include a ready-made training program. You can plan your own training process. There is a free app for IOS and ANDROID available for mobile devices. We recommend that you try it out in your workouts.

In any case, before an active workout, you need a warm-up, which will reduce the risk of injuries and sprains. Then you should alternate loads, controlling your heart rate zone. In this mode, the workout will maximize calorie burning and endurance training.

MaxiClimber XL-2000 Video

The exercises stimulate the climbing movement. The lower and upper parts, leg, arm, and cortical muscles are involved. In addition, the cardiovascular system is active, providing optimal conditions for burning fat.

You can perform complex exercises or hold your hands on the handrails. You can increase your training efficiency by using the free app for IOS and ANDROID smartphones. This is a great way for beginners to train more effectively in the beginning. In addition, the app also provides nutritional advice and allows you to track your progress.

With high-intensity workouts, there’s no extra stress on your joints. Your knees won’t wear out as much as they do when running.

Pros & Cons

  • Sturdy and lightweight aluminium folding frame
  • Does not require an electrical connection, can be installed anywhere.
  • Allows for a complex workout on the top and bottom of the body with a light effect on the joints.
  • Costs up to $400 but is durable.
  • Has 12 resistance levels
  • Allows you to burn twice as many calories as a treadmill.
  • Easy to use, with ergonomic pedals
  • Easy to store in folded form
  • No variety of exercises
  • Exercise will only be effective with high activity
  • No training programs that automatically change the load


The MaxiClimber XL is one of the best machines of its kind at the moment. It features a combination of affordable price, good ergonomics, and comfortable dimensions. Compared to other models, it is more comfortable and functional.

The equipment will not take up much space as the frame can be folded and stored in a more compact form. No complicated set-up or assembly is required, just buy, set up, and use it.

Opinion of a Fitness Trainer Kim Gow

Kim Gow
The Maxi Climber XL is a great way to change things up and challenge yourself. It’s perfect for people who are bored with the treadmill, elliptical, or bike. It will help you achieve your fitness goals.
XL-2000 is suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight and increase endurance. It’s not just girls, but everyone who leads a sedentary lifestyle. Training will help to tone muscles, improve blood circulation, burn extra calories. We recommend that you pay attention to this model when choosing a cardio machine for your home.

I hope this MaxiClimber XL-2000 Reviews answered all of your questions and will help you decide on your purchase needs. If you still have questions, feel free to write them in the comments below this post. I’ll try to answer them quickly.


# Is there any way to test the quality of Maxiclimber XL-2000?

During the first 30 days of use if you are not satisfied with something the manufacturer offers a full refund. If you are not satisfied with the quality you can return the equipment with full refund.

# Will such equipment be suitable for a small room?

Dimensions of this equipment 25.78 x 41.33 in . The light weight of the folding frame allows the Maxiclimber to be folded up and conveniently moved by means of transport wheels. It is very practical even when there is limited space available.

# Can I track my training results without installing the application?

You will be able to see a minimum of information on the steps that have been taken. An electronic monitor is provided on the frame. The application allows you to learn to use the equipment faster and get recommendations with which the result will be achieved faster.

# Does the maxi climber really work?

This equipment is optimal for those who want to burn excess calories. Training does not take much time and allows you to use a large number of muscle groups. You will not be able to build muscle mass. Other types of equipment should be used for this purpose.


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