Xbar Portable Gym Workout System

Xbar Portable Gym Workout System is an innovative training equipment. You can use rubber tubing, body weight bar to perform a number of exercises. Its use is simplified and efficient. You can use it in training at home, or take it with you to the gym. It will make more effective exercises with your own body weight. For example, you can perform several types of push-UPS with an emphasis on different muscle groups. In this review, we’ll look at the capabilities of Xbar for its benefits and basic training exercises. Let’s Start
Xbar Portable

Picking X Bar Portable Fitness System

Various configurations are possible. We consider a complete set for maximum training opportunities. You can buy a separate bar, choose the Resistance Band of your choice. The cost of a complete set is more profitable than buying each component separately.
X Bar Portable Fitness System

THE ONE & ONLY XBAR! Very durable but lightweight XBAR 34” long, curved shape. Comfortable grip and non-slip surface.
PUSH-UP DOCKS Special docks for XBAR allows you to perform exercises that are based on them
DOOR ANCHOR Fastening for a door that allows to fix the straps when you exercise
CINCH SACK Bag for easy storage of all accessories
WORKOUT GUIDEBOOK Detailed manual with recommendations on training with the equipment.
The main objective of this equipment make it convenient to perform a large amount of exercise. You get both stops for push-UPS, neck to perform the exercise, the weighting agent. Its shape is convenient for brushes and this greatly simplifies training for beginners.
The manufacturer claims the ability to perform more than 100 exercises. Perhaps some of them will be variations, but it can really perform a full home workout. If you don’t know where to start will help You a vivid and detailed booklet. It has 32 pages with possible exercises. We recommend you to read it initially, so your workouts will be more effective.
It can be additional Resistance Band with different stiffness, Slider Pads to perform additional exercises for the core muscles, different handles. Detailed descriptions and prices can be seen on the website of the manufacturer – https://xbar.com/.

Xbar Portable Gym Workout

Xbar Portable Gym Workout
The variety of exercises is really great. You can train the entire body. Detailed exercises are described in the manual as well as a lot of useful information can be found on the website XBar. Start with simplest for you to exercises and gradually learn more complicated. So you will be able to diversify training. This video shows some exercises.

The basic exercises, divided by muscle groups can be represented in the following table. Here briefly shows how you can make your training, what muscle groups to train.

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