Where Can I Sell My Gym Equipment?

where can I sell gym equipment

Thanks to the wonderful world of technology, you can sell your gym equipment virtually (pun intended) anywhere. Online websites and marketing places may have certain restrictions you need to follow, but as long as you check out their guidelines first, you should be fine posting what you need to sell.

There are 2 major outlet options for selling anything, including gym equipment that no longer suits your fitness needs: online and offline.

Selling Gym Equipment Online

One thing you will need to consider when posting your ad online is the transfer of ownership options. Will you drop it off to them at no extra cost or charge a delivery fee? What if they come to pick it up; will you help load it or make them fully liable for any potential damages?

If you buy things online, you can typically turn around and sell them in the same places. You can also post your gym equipment for sale on multiple sites to reach a bigger crowd and increase the possibility of a quick sale. Check out these options, but check out their guidelines too.

  • Facebook Marketplace- This platform has opened up drastically since the beginning. Now you can buy/sell/trade virtually anything. They don’t take a fee for selling, but they also cover no liability. It’s a buyer/seller beware situation. You can reach local people, as well as those willing to travel for what you have to offer.
  • eBay Stores- eBay is more of a business venture than all the other platforms. They help you promote your product, but they also take a cut of your profits for their help. They even help to manage payments and disputes.
  • Craigslist- Perhaps one of the first online selling post sites, and likely still one of the easiest, this option opens doors for all kinds of sales, including gym equipment. There is a complete list of prohibited sale items here. You simply create a post, include pictures for a faster sale, and wait for the emails.
  • Websites/retailers- There are sites out there that offer to buy your gym equipment. A simple search provided me with this link here (no affiliation, just a top search result) and they even advertise giving you the best price. Some sites require you to pay for shipping to them, and others ask for a visual check of condition before they pay you. It’s another seller beware concern.

Selling Gym Equipment Offline

Selling the old-fashioned way hold a lot of benefits as well. The buyers come to you, view your product, and either pass or take it with them once you receive payment. The overall transaction process is one and done. Look at some “brick-and-mortar” options for selling your equipment.

  • Garage Sale- You are selling everything else at the same time, so why not add that treadmill, those free weights, and your resistance bands too? 99% of the time, it will be a cash transaction, and they will haul away their winnings on the spot. These buyers usually look for something in particular and will have a vehicle and loading help, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Newspaper Ad- There is a bit more cost to you as the seller here, but it’s the same basic principle. You pay for the ad, the potential buyer calls or emails you, and they stop by to check out the condition of the equipment and either pass or buy and haul away.
  • Pawn Shops- Check with your local ones or those nearby. Suppose they accept the items you want to get rid of. In that case, you will likely have to load it up, haul it over, and unload it for them, BUT it’s a clean transaction, and you walk away with money in your pocket and space in your house. Just remember they aren’t out to GIVE the best price; they are out to GET the best price, so don’t expect top dollar here.
  • Word of Mouth- Ask around at work, parties, or even your local gym and see if anyone is in the market for some at-home gym equipment. Be ready to shell out a good deal since you are bringing it up and obviously want to get rid of it. Depending on the relationship, you could haul it for them, or they can pick it up, and cash is the likely transaction method.

What are the Liabilities of Selling Use Gym Equipment?

Regarding the private sale of anything, both the buyer AND the seller have certain responsibilities.

The BUYER should do their own research, ask questions about the product, and test it out, if possible. They also need to understand it is a private sale, and there are no returns, warranties, or protection. It is a Caveat Emptor, or Buyer Beware, situation. Unless the buyer and seller come to some written or verbal agreement to a return, it is generally a one-and-done transaction.

Like the buyer, the SELLER also has some general, if not more moral, rules to follow. Don’t knowingly sell a defective product. If something is wrong with the equipment, disclose this and explain how that plays into the asking price and usability of the product. Let them test it out in front of you. Ensure they aren’t messing around with it and getting hurt or damaging something before paying you.

Tips to Get the Most out of your Sale

  • Keep good care of your equipment while you have it- clean it, and wipe off the sweat after every use.
  • Repair damages right away- tighten a loose bolt before it bends a bar or strips the threads and does real damage.
  • Store it properly while it is being advertised- If you intend to sell it, you probably don’t use it anymore, so don’t start now- keep it in the best condition for the best resale value.

You can sell your gym equipment anywhere; you need to be aware of potential safety and scam threats when the transaction time comes.


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