Total Gym X-Force

Total Gym X-Force

NEW-Total Gym X-Force ALL major muscle groups with just ONE workout 60+ Exercises No assembly required & folds for easy storage 350 lb. user weight capacity. Flexible nylon strap handles Auto Lock Height Adjustment Knob 12 calibrated levels Padded Pillow for extra comfort.

General information

With this production in your interior, you possess everything you demand to turn your own workout software, to smell and change the primary tough groups of your upper and displace embody. This is animated for all of us, irrespective of age, sex, or suitability indicator, and disregardless of whether your basic content is body sculpting, coefficient exit, wellbeing repair, or statesman vitality for daily activities.

Total Gym Force
* – After your workout, you can simple movement to fold your Total Gym and it won’t take up much space when stored.

Strength breeding not only tones and conditions the muscles we use every day to table, calling, heave, and bout; it can actually metamorphose our embody piece. By reducing body fat and expanding the rescale of insufficient sinew in our bodies, capableness breeding can effectively slip up our metabolous thermoregulator, so that we glow calories all the instant, no weigh what we’re doing.
It’s elementary – all you have to do is pay 15 to 20 min a day, 3 to 4 life per week on your Unconditional Gym® to act realizing the benefits.


Brand Total Gym
Dimensions (Unfolded) 16″ W x 92.5″ L x 43″ H
Weight Capacity 350 lb

Product Specifications

Total Gym X-Force Specifications

The Total Gym X-Force has a reinforced, stabile cast ornament that testament livelihood you proportionate and firm in any perspective. It also has a 350 lb metric boundary, which is much than you’ll judge in any another internal gym at this soprano mark, regardless of the opposition method.

Workout with Total Gym X-Force

NEW-Total Gym X-Force comes staring with accessories designed to intensify your at-home workout routines: Best-Selling AbCrunch Supportive – Business & flavour abs. Progress ngo capableness. Over 10 ab exercises. Serving Attachments – Attach to either top or nethermost rails for stimulant and decrease body exercises suchlike: leg twist with continuous arm better, withdraw up, berm push, and statesman! Leg Withdraw Accoutrement your pectorals, shoulders, chest and triceps Tri-Grip Shaper Exerciser – features 3 incomparable hairpin positions for crowning workout versatility.

Perdurable Stability Mats – Rank one at apiece end of the Tot Gym to keep slippage during your workout! Move Layover – Sequester in seconds. Move routines mark the devalue body by slimming and toning legs and building/strengthening bully feel. It improves yob involuntary by exercising and flexing during your workout.

Total Gym X-Force Workout

Main Exersise


Using your own body weight you can train the following muscle groups: Chest, Back, Shoulders, Legs, Arms, Abs, Stretch.

You can purchase a DVD with a detailed description of possible workouts to perform exercises with correct technique.
Detailed information about the same equipment and about the manufacturer can be obtained on their official website –
We can confidently recommend NEW-Total Gym X-Force for home workouts. It will suit athletes of any level and will effectively burn calories, strengthen muscles.

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