Total Gym Workout for Beginners

Total Gym fitness equipment allows you to perform a variety of exercises using your body weight, training almost all muscle groups. Additional resistance is provided by the angle of the frame. In this review, we will look at the possible options for total gym workout for beginners.
Total Gym Workout for Beginners
We will discuss both general workout options and exercises for specific muscle groups. We shouldn’t forget the three important training rules to follow:

  • Always do a warm-up, at least 5-10 minutes. This will reduce the risk of injuries and sprains and get your nervous system in the right state for training
  • Control your heart rate. Do not overexert yourself or train too relaxed. By working in a certain heart rate zone you train with optimal intensity and actively burn extra fat
  • Wear comfortable sports clothes

For beginners, it is important to determine the optimal level of exertion and to adjust the equipment correctly. It is important that you take your time and perform your exercises with the correct technique.

Ab Exercises

Almost everyone wants to strengthen their abs and get rid of the fat on their sides. And it is not only attractive but also increases your functionality. It is optimal to perform exercises for the lower and upper abs, as well as the oblique abdominal muscles.

The Basic Ab Exercises are:

  • Oblique Twists
  • Ab Crunch
  • Sit-Up with Cables
  • Plank
You may ask: How is this different from a regular workout? All exercises are performed in motion, the main muscle groups and stabilizer muscles are activated.

One variation of the workout shows John Peel can be very effective. This set of exercises will work out all parts of Ab’s muscles.

Additionally, it can be a variation of the plank, other static exercises. Additional accessories will allow you to fix your feet at the top and the Total Gym can be used as a bench.

The benefits of training your abs with this equipment will be the need to hold balance and equilibrium. More muscles are involved in the work. But it is important to perform the exercises slowly and with proper technique to reach results.

Shoulder Exercises

The shoulders are the most traumatic joint. That is why it would be useful to replace the training with dumbbells with a total gym shoulder workout. In any case, exercises must be performed without jerking, with the correct technique.

Usually for this group of muscles are performed different variants of arm spreads with the movement of the platform upwards. The exercises are performed sitting or lying down. These can be:

  • Shoulder Extension
  • Serve
  • Upright Row
  • Front Raise

There are a large number of different exercises and variations, but for beginners, we can recommend 3 of the most effective and simple ones.

A common problem for beginners when training the deltoid muscles is an incorrectly selected load. By taking too heavy dumbbells they perform exercises with very poor technique. This increases the risk of injury. In addition, other muscle groups are actively involved in the work for lifting and help by swinging the body.

When training with Total Gym, the weight of the body is distributed evenly and it is easier to follow the correct trajectory. Use the exercises in the video, take your time and you will achieve results.

Total Gym Back Exercises

For good physical health and stamina, it is important to develop back muscles. They protect your spine and make your posture more correct. Back exercises will make your silhouette more correct and athletic. Let’s take a look at what exercises are available with Total Gym.

The most popular ones are:

  • Pull-Up
  • Front Pullover
  • Iron Cross/Snow Angel

An overview of the 3 most appropriate exercises for a beginner’s workout below in the video:

Total Gym Workout Arm Exercises

The arm training includes exercises for the biceps and triceps. The peculiarity of their performance will be non-standard angles of inclination and comfortable position of the hand. If standard arm bends with dumbbells do not work, it is worth trying exercises with Total Gym. This will be a great alternative.

You can use both standard grips and additional accessories such as rope or dip bars. With them, you will have more exercise options.

Popular exercises for the arm muscles are

  • Seated Biceps Curl
  • Lateral Arm Pull
  • Lying Triceps Extension

Chest muscles

Most of you have seen huge machines in gyms that are used to train the chest muscles. These can be replaced by more compact but no less effective equipment. And you know which one.

You can perform both general exercises for the pectoral muscles, as well as focusing on their upper and lower parts. Sitting at an incline will work both the volume and the muscle relief. Below are three of the most effective exercises for beginners below in the video.

How to make a workout chart

You can combine different exercises and workout schedules. The amount of training and its content will depend on your level of training. In addition, the goals are important – do you want to get a comprehensive workout for the whole body or train individual muscle groups. Someone wants to get a flat stomach, and someone wants more voluminous glutes.

In any case, you should plan your workouts and write down the results, this will motivate you to reach your final goal faster. If you want to develop individual muscle groups – use different exercises or their combinations as supersets.

Workout Routine for Beginners

One of the workout options with division into muscle groups can be a 4-day split. You will alternate between a training day and a rest day. You can vary the variations of the exercise and the number of reps/sets by gradually increasing the load.

Workout Chart

Day 1 Workout
Exercise Name Reps Sets
Pull-Up 15 3
Leg Curl: Lying or Seated 15 2
Sit-Up 10 3
Chin-Up 15 2
Day 2 Workout
Exercise Name Reps Sets
Shoulder Press 16 3
Seated Chest Press 14 3
Oblique Twister 10 (each side) 2
Arm Pullover 14 2
Day 3 Workout
Exercise Name Reps Sets
Seated Chest Fly 16 2
Lying Triceps Extension 14 3
Seated Biceps Curl 18 3
Upright Row 14 2
Day 4 Workout
Exercise Name Reps Sets
Seated Chest Fly 16 2
Jumping Squat 14 2
Calf Raise 18 3
Standing Lunge 14 2
This training plan includes four workout days per week. You can change the order of your workouts or substitute exercises as you see fit. In addition, it is a good idea to consult your doctor before starting an active workout.

Total Gym Workout Chart PDF Download

  • You can download our proposed Workout Chart in pdf format by clicking here (only 104 Kb). Perhaps it will be useful in training.

What is the best time to train?

This question is an individual one. It depends on your lifestyle, schedule, and employment. Everyone has individual biorhythms. Choose the moment when your physical fitness allows you to perform a productive workout. It is not a good idea to exercise if you are not feeling well.

It is optimal to choose an average time when it is convenient for you. If you train regularly at the same time, your body adjusts and gets used to it. It is more important to work out regularly, with a combination of activity and diet.

The workout should not be carried out immediately after a meal. There is an opinion that the body reaches peak performance at 3 p.m. I recommend trying out different regimens and choosing the most comfortable one for you. Moreover, if you train at home, it will not be difficult for you.


Total Gym gives you a great workout option for your home gym. It is easy to place and store. The equipment also has good functionality for a full-body workout.

Chances are you won’t build giant muscles, but you’ll definitely be able to maintain excellent fitness, endurance, and maintain cardiovascular health. Even a beginner can do the exercises. Less injury and comfortable exercises will make it easy to improve your functionality.


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