These ingredients speed up the weight loss

Are you wondering if there are products that can naturally help you fight extra pounds? Got it! Get to know the ingredients from your kitchen and their “slimming” properties.

Chili pepper

Chili pepper is an invisible vegetable that improves metabolism, cleanses the body and has a great effect on the digestive system. But the most important thing for people with additional inches at the waist – its capsaicin, responsible for its burning taste. It supports the reduction of body fat.

How does it work? The mechanism is very simple. Remember how sharp it is and tears when you eat something really spicy. It is the effect of capsaicin that heats the body from the inside, which helps to burn calories faster. If you don’t like spicy spices, buy pepper extract in tablets. They can be found in the pharmacy.

Coffee and tea not only for taste

Green tea and coffee, but not traditional black, but green, will also help to lose weight. It takes its name from raw, unaffected cocoa beans. The taste is definitely more sour. The ingredient that distinguishes raw green coffee from black is chlorogenic acid. It is an extremely powerful antioxidant that reduces glucose absorption and supports fat burning. The effect is further enhanced by caffeine, which regulates metabolism.

Caffeine, although in smaller amounts is also found in green tea. If you want to eat something, but not too hungry, is to make tea. Polyphenols found in green leaves help metabolism and allow you to burn more calories.

Power of bitter orange

bitter orange
To get and maintain a slim figure, try the action of bitter orange (or Citrus Aurantium). The components of this fruit and the synephrine contained in it affect the burning of fat in the body. Synephrine, also as capsaicin, increases thermogenesis or heat production, during which the body intensely burns calories to keep the body temperature at an appropriate level. At home, you can prepare a mixture of aromatic tea with bitter orange or skins or buy its extract in a pharmacy.

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