Six Star Whey Isolate Review

Six Star Whey Isolate Plus Protein Powder is a Great Supplement for athletes of different levels of training. Each portion of the product weighing 40 g contains 30 grams of easily digestible protein, with an excellent amino acid composition. At the same time only 3 grams of sugar.

Buyers highly appreciated the quality of this additive. Most of the reviews about this isolate are positive. The balanced composition of BCAAs, glutamine, Zero Aspartame and the inclusion of calcium make it a truly valuable product for active training users.

So consider the detailed Six Star Whey Isolate Review. Its composition and compare it with the most popular analogues.

We will analyze in detail for whom this whey isolate will be most useful. How and when to take it. Where this nonsense came from and whether to trust him. So to start with.

Six Star Whey Isolate Plus Ingredients

Included 30 g of protein in Six Star Whey Isolate Protein is a good proportion of BCAAs. As part of the essential amino acids L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, L-Glutamine for better recovery and immunity.

In portions of about 24 g branched chain amino acids and Glutamine. These amino acids play a crucial role in the construction of muscle fibers. One serving gives you just over 6 grams of one of the most important BCAAs Leucine. This amino acid is most useful for muscle synthesis.

There is no aspartame in the composition, which is also an advantage. In the composition of the, there is no creatine and some this like.

Since they do not take it at the same time or prefer a certain product. In my opinion, the isolate should not contain unnecessary elements, which the manufacturer often reduces the cost of the product.

In the compositions of different flavors, there are small differences in the volume of the portion. But the proportions of the most important components are unchanged.

Maximum quality standards are used in the production process. Multiphase filtration of raw materials is performed to remove impurities, lactose, reduce the percentage of fat to a minimum. This allows you to get a clean product that is absorbed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Gold Medal for Superior Taste

Six Star 100% Whey Plus Isolate is available in two flavors: Decadent Chocolate, Vanilla Cream. Both tastes are quite pleasant and not cloying. They are easy to mix in a shaker or blender. Good composition and solubility allow you to quickly and easily get a wonderful delicious cocktail. You can also add fruit, juice if you get tired of the taste.

It should be noted that this product in the evaluation of American experts to taste awarded Six Star Whey Isolate Gold Medal for the amazing taste.

Best Time to Take It

You can use 100% Whey Plus Isolate right after your workout. At this time, the body is not ready to receive solid food and can not quickly absorb it. The cocktail contains as quickly as possible digestible protein, which is necessary for the restoration and construction of damaged muscle fibers. You can add half a banana or other fast carbs to your cocktail.

when to take
This product is suitable if you want to burn fat and not lose muscle mass. You can also use Six StarĀ° 100% Whey Plus Isolate before training, if you do not have time to eat. Use this protein during the day between meals can be but not as rational as a complex protein. Slow protein assimilation will maintain the nitrogen balance for a longer time. The use of isolate is justified for those who do not absorb lactose. In this case, this product will also be indispensable.

Six Star Pro Nutrition Company Info

The company Six Star Pro Nutrition is a project of a team working on the well-known brand MuscleTech. Products catalog includes Protein, Pre-Workout, Creatine, BCAAs + Speciality, Testosterone Booster and more. Many products have become bestsellers and are sold in millions of copies. 20 years of experience allows us to produce first-class products. More information about the brand can be found on the website
Production is made in U. S. A. and it means that it completely conforms to all standards and norms of health care.

Compare Six Star Whey Isolate with analogues

MusclePharm IsolateDymatize ISO 100Six Star 100% IsolateBSN SYNTHA-6 Isolate

MusclePharm Dymatize Six-Star SYNTHA-6
Serving Size 27 g 32 g 40 g 38 g
Total Fat 0 g 0,5 g 2 g 2 g
Calories 100 120 150 150
Protein 24 g 25 g 30 g 25 g
Price Check Now Check Now Check Now Check Now

The quality of the composition and proportions withstand competition even with TOP products. The closest in quality composition BSN SYNTHA-6 Isolate Protein Powder.

Also relevant at the moment can be considered a similar product Whey Protein Isolate | Six Star 100% – an excellent isolate, with good taste and 26 grams of protein in each serving.

Includes a large portion of amino acids that stimulate rapid recovery from vigorous exercise. An important advantage is the absence of ingredients that are usually used to reduce the cost of the product.


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