The secret of a beautiful belly

The secret of a beautiful belly

The beauty of the figure, of course, emphasizes the beautiful and flat stomach. In order to achieve its attractiveness, it is necessary to resort to several councils. For lack of a desire to adhere to a strict diet, to give a beautiful shape to the abdomen is recommended to use fibrous food, blunting hunger and does not cause adverse effects. At the heart of this food laid crops and fiber-rich vegetables, allowing to diversify the menu and make it chic.
Also should not neglect fruits and proteins. To fill salads, you need to use oil from olives or sunflower, completely eliminating sour cream and mayonnaise. It is desirable to eat often enough, but the size of the portions should be minimal. You can also bring the stomach to the desired appearance, not adhering to diet and exercise. It will not be difficult to reduce the weight with cold water, for this every morning a liter of water is drunk with a dissolved tablespoon of table salt.

To achieve the desired result, drink water should first daily for four days, then once every two days, but also in the amount of four times. To prevent an overabundance of salt in the body, its consumption in food, during the course, should be limited. In parallel with the release of the body from the fat from the inside, the same thing should happen from the outside.

You can use special scrubs, some of which can be prepared at home. For example, a scrub, which is based on sea salt, mixed with any oil in the proportion of half a glass of one and the other. After the appearance of the results of cleansing the skin is recommended to carry out the procedure of its wrapping, which promotes the breakdown of fats. For prophylactic purposes, baths with special components are used, as well as abdominal massage.

A very effective way of rotation of the Hoop, as this exercise involved the back, hips, buttocks, and the stomach. This also strengthens the muscles of the press. The use of the Hoop not only helps to burn calories, but also to accelerate the metabolic processes by increasing blood circulation. Once the stomach becomes flat and beautiful, it is recommended to maintain it in this form, following a few rules. It is desirable to completely abandon the yogurt or eat it with the least amount of sugar. In the morning you need to perform some exercises with dumbbells.

These exercises will take no more than ten minutes. Before going to bed, do not interfere with taking a cold shower, reducing body temperature and stimulating the appearance of brown fat. For Breakfast should not use products that contribute to bloating. From the diet should also be excluded all Chinese food containing a large amount of sodium. Adhering to all the rules, you can easily get rid of ugly belly and maintain a good shape in the future.

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