Jack Hammer Abs

Jack Hammer Abs

About Jack Hammer Abs

Jackhammer Abs with ActiVibe required the very best ab-sculpting exercise the rollout – making it better! A complete core muscle activating technology which creates waves of ab-sculpting vibrations.
Just like a genuine Jackhammer, transmits a wave of vibration with the body,whenever you carry the handles of Jackhammer Abs with ActiVibe, muscle activating vibration travels your arms and directly in which you need it most in your Abs!

JackHammer Abs
So when you roll-out, you hit your upper, middle minimizing abs so when roll back, your lower middle and upper again – all with similar muscle-activating vibration technology. Not one other ab machine in the world does that!
You never need to do another crunch or sit-up again to obtain a great ab workout. Actually, when compared with crunches and sit-ups, Jackhammer Abs with ActiVibe delivers 87% more muscle activation using your entire core than individuals exercises.


Unlike traditional ab wheels like the Ab Orb, JackHammer Abs states create “muscle stimulating” vibrations that travel your arms, shoulders, and abs, which activates your upper, middle, minimizing abs every time you move backward and forward. Additionally, its wider, more stable platform and ActivAssist Recoil Technology will help you return to your beginning position more securely, with less stress on your back.

  • Several times more effective than standard ab rollers
  • Ergonomic shape of handles and the stable construction
  • The vibrating handle with adjustable vibration intensity

Video Review

To make it clear how to use this equipment, we invite You to view the video review. It shows the main functionality of using the main exercises for home workouts. Additionally, you will learn the main muscle groups that will be involved in the training. It is worth noting that this simulator is very high quality includes the work of muscle-stabilizers, which are extremely important.

The cost of this equipment is small. But it is an interesting alternative to the standard AB roller. We recommend you to try it in their training. It will allow You to quickly get results and gain six pack pack abs.

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