IRONMAN Gravity 4000

IRONMAN Gravity 4000

The IRONMAN Gravity 4000 inversion table is made having a durable tubular steel frame having a scratch resistant powder coated finish. Memory-foam vinyl covered backrest for any comfortable mind and back. It’s tough rubber non-skid floor stabilizers that offer stability when inverting. Extra-lengthy safety handles provide easy go back to the upright position and vinyl safety covers are added for safety. The ergonomically molded ankle holders provide comfort and safety. Keep, the Gravity 4000 could be folded.

Main Characteristic

Product Dimensions 49 L x 26 W x 65 H inches
Weight 87 pounds
Degree Inversion 180
Weight Capacity 350 lbs
Angle Locking System Palm-Activated Ratchet System
Special Feature Lumbar Pillow Support

IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Owner’s Manual

When we studied the information on the equipment we have found a number of questions that frequently asked by the users. It matters for the Assembly and use of the Inversion Table. That’s why we decided to place as much information about this model. It can be downloaded here:

In it you will find the following sections:

  • CONTACTS AND OPERATING HOURS OF THE SERVICE – if you have any questions
  • SAFETY GUIDELINES – basic rules for safe use

We recommend that You read the user manual before purchase. Additionally, you can use this video to understand the Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table Assembly

Key Benefits

The main advantage of this equipment is high quality and reliability. IRONMAN has always pleased its customers with the best fitness equipment. This model is no exception. All is left to chance, everything is most comfortable and convenient.

Weight Capacity – 350 pound
Good weight limit with the stock will fit most users.
The longer back cushion with lumbar
For most comfortable body position
Unique Locking System Ankle Ratchet
Your body is fixed comfortably and securely
Extra Long Safety Handles
Conveniently located, with a special soft coating
Up to 180 degree pivot
The user can adjust the height and Inverts up degree
Additional stability
Non-skid stabilizers for greater stability during exercise


Don’t use this equipment for those who have the following conditions or ailments: Pregnancy. Extreme weight problems. Middle ear infection. Hiatus hernia or Ventral hernia. Glaucoma, retinal detachment or conjunctivitis. Utilization of anticoagulants including Aspirin in high doses. Spine injuries, Cerebral Sclerosis, or really inflamed joints. Heart or circulatory disorders that you are treated. High bloodstream pressure, Hypertension, Recent stroke or Transient Ischemic attack. Bone weaknesses including Brittle bones, Unhealed fractures, Modular pins, or surgically implanted memory foam supports.

The exercises

Begin gradually: invert only 15~20 levels to start with. Stay inverted only as lengthy when you are comfortable. Return upright gradually if you think uncomfortable

Make gradual changes: boost the position only if it’s comfortable. Boost the angles merely a couple of levels at any given time. You might want to improve your routine from 1-2 minutes to five minutes with time. Achieve this only if you think comfortable, so pay attention to the body. Invert however lengthy you’re comfortable.

Through the inversion, always check into how you’re feeling. Should you start to feel nauseous during use show up once you can. Show up gradually, dizziness following a session means that you emerged too quickly. Wait a minimum of 2 hrs after consuming to make use of the inversion table.

All inversion benefits could be acquired without getting to invert completely small levels of inversion will give you exactly the same benefits. Don’t push you to ultimately greater levels of inversion if you’re not comfortable.

Invert regularly: We advise 2 or 3 occasions each day based upon your present condition speak to your personal care physician. We advise inverting around the same time frame daily to achieve the best results from inversion.

Our Summary

It is also worth noting that this model is not only convenient to use but also store. It will take up considerably less space when folded. We received positive impressions from using the Inversion Table. Previously you had to use anything like that. After a few minutes of usage we have significantly reduced the fatigue of the back and relax the spine. This will be especially helpful for people with problems of the musculoskeletal system and those who value their health. If you have space for this equipment, we recommend to buy it and to pay attention to this model.

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