How to Choose a Boxing Headgear


Boxing is one of the toughest and most traumatic types of martial arts, because protective Boxing equipment is a must. The greatest danger to health are head injuries, because in the first place you need to take care of this part of the body. Even during the training, you should not neglect the Boxing headgear. not to mention the full competition, where the opponent will do everything possible to win.

That the protective accessory for the head not only gave to the athlete a terrible look. But also provided the due level of protection. At the same time did not create discomfort and did not interfere during fight, it is necessary to approach its choice thoroughly, paying attention to such characteristics as:

  • the packing density of the headgear;
  • the area of coverage;
  • quality;
  • weight;
  • size.

boxing headgear
Depending on the density of the packing, the Boxing headgear can be soft or hard. In the first case, the product will be better protected from small weak strokes, because suitable for training and friendly sparring.
For the serious Boxing matches, it is better to buy a helmet with thick padding. The coverage area should be such as to protect the most vulnerable areas of the head, namely the back of the head, cheeks and forehead.
Some models also cover the chin and nose. Here, each athlete must focus on their own needs and feelings. As for the quality, all equipment must be of high quality, otherwise it will not last long. It is better to choose a lighter weight, so as not to create an additional load, but the size is selected individually.

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