If you try to use the magnetic rower rowing machine one day, it is very likely that you will use this equipment in your training. It’s hard to find an alternative for cardio training where calories are also actively burned and whole body muscles are trained. Since such equipment is very popular, we decided to prepare the FITNESS REALITY 1000 PLUS Reviews. This Magnetic Rowing Machine is very popular in 2020 and is one of the best in its price range.

In this review we will consider the basic description and characteristics of the equipment, the complexity of assembly and possibilities of use. We will compare the advantages and disadvantages and share the video overview with you. So, here we go.


Product Specification

The main features are listed in the table below.

Weight: 63.6 lbs
Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
Seat height range: 9.5” – 12”
Recommended user height 4’9” – 6’6”
LCD display 3.5”, displays distance, time, total count, calories burned, stokes/min and scan
Resistance Levels: 14 Level
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 88.00 x 21.00 x 21.00 Inches
Warranty 1 Year limited warranty
Price Check Here

How to start using – user manual

To start using it, you just need to buy and install the equipment. If you want to understand how this Magnetic Rower works, we recommend that you read the user manual.

Download FITNESS REALITY 1000 PLUS Manual in PDF (2,15 Mb)

Owner’s Manual contains a detailed description of the equipment, part list and the tools needed for assembly. The process of assembling and using the console is described in detail. The process of folding the storage frame is described in detail.

Therefore, we recommend that you download and read the instructions before you start training.

Features (Pros & Cons)

Let’s consider what makes the FITNESS REALITY 1000 PLUS magnetic rower rowing machine different from other analogous machines.

  • Ergonomic pedals and seat – it is really comfortable to train
  • Durable stable frame
  • Informative LCD display – 3.5″
  • More productive workouts with My Cloud Fitness app
  • Stabilizing Foot Pads
  • 250 lbs Weight capacity is not so much
  • Not very smooth resistance
Pedals are comfortable and safe. The leg does not slide due to the heel edge. The footrest is fixed by the belt. The distance is adjustable and users of different height will be comfortable to rest their feet on the pedals.


In addition, for greater frame stability, Foot Pads are located in the front part. They are used both for stabilization and for standing up exercises. When stored, these pads are turned to the opposite side.

The seat is rigid but ergonomic. It is covered with texture, so it does not slide even if it gets wet. Its size is average and it is comfortable enough. It is recommended to adjust its position before the workout. The movement on the frame is almost silent.

The 21.5″ EXTRA WIDE GRIP is easy to use for both basic and additional exercises. You can use different grip widths equally conveniently.

There is a 3.5″ LCD at the front of the frame. It shows distance, time, total count, calories burned, stokes/min and scan. The size of the inscription is clearly visible even if you are on the move. You can adjust the resistance right away with the handle.

Foldable frame
An important advantage when using FITNESS REALITY 1000 PLUS at home is a folding frame. The equipment takes up much less space and can be easily transported around the apartment due to special wheels. The weight of the equipment is not excessive. You can move it without extra effort.

Possible Exercises

It is possible to train various muscle groups, biceps, triceps, shoulders, legs, thighs and more with additional exercises. The main exercise is performed sitting down. You rest your legs on the pedal and hold the handle in your hands. Straightening you pull the handle and overcoming resistance you complete the active phase of the exercise.

But you can also practice standing up by doing at least five additional exercises as shown in the picture above. Adjustment of resistance levels allows you to select the load and alternate warm-up and more difficult exercises.

For more efficient training, it is recommended to use My Cloud Fitness app. This application can run on your smartphone and record your progress. It is a very good motivation to improve your performance every day.


The FITNESS REALITY 1000 PLUS will be a great solution if you want to practice regularly at home but don’t have a lot of free space. By spending a little time you can burn a lot of calories and do more exercises than with a treadmill. An excellent choice for both men and women.


# Can I train my legs with this equipment?

The feet are actively involved in the work when performing a rowings. Special standing exercises are not so convenient to perform, although if you add a fantasy, it is quite possible.

# Is the handle comfortable?

Yes, its length is optimal and the hands do not slide. This is already enough for practical use.

# How functional is the application?

You can record and compare all monitored indicators. It makes no difference which operating system you use. There will be no problems. The application is free.

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