Everlast MMA Omnistrike Heavy Bag Stand

We present you Everlast MMA Omnistrike heavy bag stand Review. After the release of our General review of such fitness equipment, we got a lot of questions. Our readers asked questions about the specifics of MMA training and the most suitable equipment. So in this review, we will consider the main characteristics and possibilities of using this rack. So, I begin.
Everlast MMA Omnistrike Heavy Bag Stand


First of all, consider the characteristics by which users compare such equipment when choosing.

Brand Everlast
Dimensions (L x W x H) 57′ – 47.6′ – 87.2′
Weight 54.9 pounds
Item model number MMA4812BDTC
Accommodate Heavy Bags up to 100 lbs.
Maximum user weight 275 lbs.
Price Check Here

Everlast MMA Omnistrike Stand is specialized and allows for the possibility of training with punches, feet, and knees. It has greater stability due to the features of its design. The legs of the rack are equipped with plastic nozzles so as not to damage the floor surface.

Everlast MMA Omnistrike Heavy Bag Stand Feature

The frame design is quite simple. You will not experience difficulties with the Assembly and placement of this equipment. The Assembly process takes an average of 1-2 hours.

There were questions about the Assembly and we have posted for download: Everlast MMA Omnistrike Stand Manual

It is possible to use a heavy bag weighing up to 100 lbs. The kit is recommended to use Everlast OmniStrike Heavy 80-Pound Bag.

Advantages of using this bag:

  • availability of C3 foam wrapped bottom panel
  • different type of shocks
  • has a medium stiffness
  • made of quality materials
  • optimally suited by weight (80-Pound)
You can conveniently hang the heavy bag. For this purpose, there are two positions of the height of the pulley for fastening the bag. This is done in 3 steps – lock and lift.
Everlast Stand use
The frame of this equipment is made of a steel pipe with a strong powder coating. For greater stability, the rack provides the ability to use 3 weight plates for maximum stability. They are placed evenly and provide additional stabilization.

How to Use

After installing the equipment, you can use it for two types of training. Consider both options.
1. For strength training, removable handles for push-UPS are provided. They have foam coating for more comfortable use. With him feels more comfortable and more effectively fulfills push-UPS.

These handles may have two positions. This allows you to change the position of the hands and perform two push-UPS. On the reverse side, there is a horizontal bar. You can perform pull-UPS using one of several grip options.

2. Before practicing blows on a heavy bag, you can use three weight tiles for greater stability.


Hang the bag. You can fix it not only on the top pulley. But also to engage the loop at the bottom of the frame. Depending on the bag you use, you can apply all types of blows. It can be all kinds of punches, elbow, knee, or foot.

It is worth noting that the shape and size of the equipment are convenient to use. It will be convenient for you to approach the bag and carry out the practice of blows.


Such equipment can be installed in the garage gym or on the street. The rack will not take up much space but will be easy to use.

For better reliability and safety, I would recommend using a floor stand fixation. You can use special fasteners or just place the weight on the legs. The key advantages of this equipment are functionality. The perfect rack for a heavy sack. Allows you to fully work on your kicks and punches.

The handles for push-ups didn’t seem as comfortable as you’d like. They’re more of a hindrance when you work out with a bag. So I’d take them down. But the bar turned out to be comfortable. The good location of the handles for different types of grip will appeal to most users.


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