Bowflex Xceed vs Blaze

Bowflex is a brand that has revolutionized the gym industry. It has made a name in the manufacture of workout machines that are powered by the resistance of a power rod.

Quite often customers have a choice between Bowflex Xceed vs Blaze. Both units can be upgraded to a maximum capacity of 410 lbs. The machines are also made to provide full-body workouts. The Blaze features a horizontal bench that is suitable for working out the chest, abs, and leg exercises.

The Bowflex Blaze allows you to perform over 60 exercises, making it very versatile workout equipment. It features a sliding seat and a horizontal bench.

On the other hand, the Xceed has a vertical bench. So, which of these two pieces of equipment should you choose? How do the two units compare against one another? Let’s find out in this Xceed vs Blaze Review.

An introduction to Boxlfex Xceed vs Blaze

The Bowflex Xceed is workout equipment that comes with a seat and a leg accessory fixed on a rubber base. The unit also features power rods placed on back seating, a lat bar, and a squat bar that adds to the versatility of the unit.

The Xceed features a wide range of hooks, pullets, straps, and handles, allowing you to perform more than 65 unique exercises. It’s, therefore, a great choice for training, toning, and building muscles in your body. You can use the user manual to understand how to set up these accessories.


Bowflex Xceed Bowflex Blaze
Bowflex Xceed Bowflex Blaze
Weight limit 300 pounds 214 pounds
Resistance level 210 pounds (upgradable to 310 lb. or 410 lb.) 210 pounds (upgradeable to 310 lb. or 410 lb.)
No. of Exercises 65+ 60+
Bench Vertical Horizontal
Accessories quat Bar, leg developer, Ab Harness, two cables and two handles, and lat pulldown bar Lat bar and squat bar
Price Check Price Check Price
The Bowflex Blaze is made to work on the major groups of muscles including the lower body, upper body, and heart. With a vertical bench, the Blaze features seat rail slides that enable you to perform leg presses and rowing exercises. It comes with multiple pullets that are strategically placed to help with your workouts. If you would like to target certain muscles easily, you can use the included squat and lat bar. Its major downside is that it doesn’t work on the abs.

Resistance System

The power load that comes with the Xceed has a resistance of 210 lbs, which can be upgraded to between 310 and 410 pounds. You only need to purchase more power rods to upgrade the resistance level. This makes the unit to be a great choice for serious exercises.

The resistance of the power rod also means that the machine doesn’t come with the traditional system consisting of weighted plates stacked together. Instead, it uses a rubberized resistance rod that is attached to a cable hook. When exercising, the sturdy rods bend to provide the needed resistance. The Xceed has a maximum user weight of 300 pounds, making it suitable for the majority of athletes.

Blaze also features the Power Rod technology that makes it more comfortable and efficient to use. The power rod can withstand a resistance of 210, providing a great level of resistance. If you find the 210 lbs to be insufficient, you can increase the resistance to 410 lbs.

Therefore, when it comes to the resistance level, both units compete very well. They not only have the same weight capacity but they are both upgradeable to a maximum of 410 lbs.

Bowflex Free Weights vs. Power Rod Resistance

Design and Features

The Bowflex Xceed is specifically made for strength training. This means it comes with everything you will ever need for vertically styled gym equipment. The unit features a heavy-duty metal frame with a grey finish. The frame is enhanced with black accents and the Bowflex logo making it sleek.

The machine features hand grips, leg cushions, and seats that are cushioned with high-density polyurethane foam, ensuring maximum comfort when in use. But the horizontal design of the model makes it unsuitable for horizontal bench presses. We also liked the fact that the seat is adjustable to accommodate different heights.
Bowflex Xceed vs Blaze
The Exceed comes with an adjustable pulley position that enables you custom-make our workouts if you are finding the presets to be insufficient. The equipment features an adjustable seat that makes it easy to transition from one exercise to the other. It also comes with accessories such as a lat bar, straps, and squat bar.

On the other hand, Bowflex Blaze features a sturdy power Rod technology that enables it to withstand a lot of weight. Like we have already noted it has a resistance of 210 lbs with the capacity to be upgraded to 310 lbs and 410 lbs This power rod has a lifetime warranty and this is a clear indication that it’s sturdily built.

The Blaze also features a sliding seat rail that can enable you to perform leg presses and aerobic workouts.
Bowflex Xceed vs Blaze Seats

The unit has a lat tower and a slanting lat bar that makes it a good choice for working on the neck and shoulder muscles. Multiple pulley/cable positions can help with custom workouts.

The Blaze comes with several attachments such as:

  • Lat bar
  • Ankle straps
  • Handgrips
  • Squat bar
  • Leg developer

Also, included is a placard with workout instructions and ankle cuff/handgrip area.

Bowflex Xceed vs Blaze Exercises

The Xceed features three pulley systems, at the lower, middle, and upper levels, allowing you to perform 65 full-body exercises. You can use the upper pulley to perform exercises such as lat pull down, a variation of the tricep pulldowns, and high lows.

The middle pulley is a good choice for chest press workouts. If your want to perform triceps, fly, and crunches, you can simply adjust it. You can use the lower pulley with a leg developer and it can also be suitable for performing moves such as shoulder flys, upright rows, and bicep curls.

Since the Xceed features a vertical bench, instead of a horizontal, it’s easier to get on and off it. It also makes it easier to reach the chest press by simply changing the pulley’s angle. The vertical angle helps to save on space as compared to the equipment with horizontal angles. However, a vertical bench has a drawback as it means there is no cardio rowing feature.

The Bowflex Blaze allows users to perform over 60 exercises, making it a good option for a full-body workout. You can perform various leg exercises with the machine such as leg extensions, kickback, and curls. If your goal is to exercise, the chest you can use to perform workouts such as incline, decline, and flat.

Some of the back exercises that you can perform with the Blaze are lower back extension, rows, and lat pulldowns. If your goal is to work out the shoulders, you can perform delta raises, press, and shrugs with the unit. Finally, if you would like to exercise the Core, you can perform exercises such as Ab crunch, oblique crunk, and trunk rotation.


One of the downsides of the Bowflex Xceed is that it comes unassembled. You will also need a flathead screwdriver, Philips screwdriver, and an adjustable wrench to assembler the unit. The machine only comes with 2 Allen wrenches which can prove insufficient.

Out of the box, the process of assembling the Xceed may look a bit intimidating considering that it has many pieces. However, it comes with very clear instructions that will guide you on the entire assembly process. There are also big illustrations that will show you where to put each bolt.

While you can assemble the unit alone, the process will be faster when there is a second pair of hands assisting. On average, it should not take you more than a couple of hours for the whole assembly.

Like its sister the Xceed, the Blaze also comes with clear instructions. There are instructions for every step and bullet points of all parts you will use in that step. This makes it easy to follow the instructions. The blaze also features clear and zoomed images that will show you where each unit and bolt will go.
To help you with the assembly, the Bowflex comes with Allen wrenches. However, you will have to add a number of wrenches and several Philips head screws.


If you are concerned about the amount of space in your home, one of the key considerations you will need to make is on the footprint. The Blaze has a maximum dimension of 8”4” and 6”6”. This makes it unsuitable for persons living in small spaces.

However, it also has an advantage in that it can be folded down, helping you to save on space. The Blaze also features wheels that make it easy to move around your home. The model weighs 214 pounds which is on the lower side.

The Xceed has dimensions of 53 inches L by 49 inches Width and 82 inches Height. It will easily fit under a ceiling of 7 feet. It weighs about 157 pounds, making it suitable for heavy-duty use. While it can be hard to move around, it will not wobble when working out. This means that it has a smaller footprint as compared to the Blaze.


When buying home gym equipment, one of the major considerations is the warranty. The Xceed comes with a warranty of:

  • One year for the frame
  • 60 days for the parts
  • 5 years for the power rod

The warranty for the Xceed isn’t the best, considering that it’s mid-range gym equipment. On the other hand, the Blaze comes with a warranty of:

  • 5 years for the construction
  • Lifetime warranty for the power rods

Therefore, when we consider the warranty of the two machines here, the Blaze has a better warranty. Its Power rod has a lifetime warranty while the warranty of the Xceed is only five years.

Pros and cons

Let us now look at the pros and cons of each unit.

Pros of Bowflex Xceed

  • Wide range of exercises. While Blaze only allows for up to 60 exercises, Xceed, enables you to perform a maximum of 65 exercises.
  • Safe to use. The majority of gym equipment can easily slam down during exercises. Bowflex on the other hand offers an unmatched level of safety as there are barbells to be crushed.
  • Versatile. The Bowflex Xceed offers unmatched versatility. It features several pulley and cable systems that make it versatile.
  • Heavy and smooth resistance. The Bowflex Xceed machine offers a similar resistance to a band or cable. There will be less resistance at the start of your exercises. But as the muscles begin to warm up, it becomes harder to reach the middle of the end of the movement
  • Detailed instructions. The machine comes with an exercise guide on different exercises
  • Considerably high resistance level
  • Beautiful and modern design
  • Compact design
  • Easy to assemble

Cons of Bowflex Xceed

  • Hard to transition from one workout to the other. The Xceed features a wide range of pulleys and cables that enables it to provide many exercises. In order to switch from one exercise to the other, you will need to adjust the pulleys and cable
  • Not the best choice for muscle building. If your goal is to build muscles fast, the Bowflex Xceed may not be the right option for you. There is no better alternative to gaining adequate muscle mass than hitting the iron. The Xceed’s power rod is a good choice for maintaining the structure as well as staying toned but not muscle building.
  • Limited warranty
  • Doesn’t enable aerobic rowing
  • Power rod rejuvenator has to be bought separately

Pros of the Bowflex Blaze

Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider the Bowflex Blaze home gym.

  • A good home workout machine. The machine will not provide a range of home exercises. It can, therefore, be a good choice for providing you with a full-body workout from the comfort of your home.
  • Price. As compared to the Bowflex Xceed, the Blaze machine is more affordable. It is one of the most competitively-priced home workout machines
  • Suitable for beginners. Free weights can provide you with control and precision for the perfect workout. Since you don’t need to add free weight, the risk for injury is eliminated. This makes the machine a good choice for beginners.
  • Perfect for full-body exercises. You don’t need to keep changing machines to get a full-body workout. The unit comes with levers and pulleys, making it a one-stop-station for a full-body workout.
  • Smart and ergonomic design. The Bowflex Blaze has a compact design that enables it to easily fit in your home garage. The unit is foldable and compact, making it easy to store.
  • Comfortable. The Blaze has a comfortable, cushioned bench, where you can lay or sit when working out. The seat that comes with the unit is adjustable and slides in and out enabling you to adjust your workout.

Cons of the BowFlex Blaze

While it has its advantages, it still has a few negative things. These include:

  • Use bands instead of weight. You may realize that weights are a key part of workout equipment. However, in the Blaze machine, weight discs are replaced by elastic bands. These bands can get overstretched, causing the resistance to reduce. The band’s resistance is also affected by temperature. During hot days, the workouts will be easier.
  • Advanced trainers may find it light. For seasoned athletes, they may find the Bowflex Blaze to be insufficient. The rated weight of 210 lbs may be insufficient for them. While it’s possible to upgrade the equipment, this will come at an extra cost.


Getting a full-body workout from the comfort of your home can be a positive step in achieving your weight loss goal. With home gym machines, this is now possible. These machines come in different sizes, shapes, and specifications.

Between Bowflex Xceed vs Blaze, which one should you choose? Whether to choose Bowflex Xceed or Bowflex Blaze, will depend on your individual needs. Generally, the Bowflex Xceed is a good choice for people searching for:

  • A home gym that features a rowing machine
  • A more expensive equipment
  • A compact and foldable unit

On the other hand, the Bowflex Blaze is a good choice for people searching for:

  • An affordable option
  • A machine with adjustable cable and pulley positions

BowFlex Xceed is a bit expensive as compared to the Bowflex Blaze. However, it allows for more exercises than Blaze. With both options, you will not need to buy several fitness machines as they will allow you to perform all types of exercises for the leg, chest, back, and shoulder.

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