Best Lacrosse Sticks for Beginners

This year I tried to play and became a fan of Lacrosse. This is an active mobile game that perfectly develops coordination and endurance. You can catch, control and throw the ball into the opponents’ gates with a special stick, which we will talk about today. In this review we will consider the best lacrosse sticks for beginners.

You can buy sticks in whole or in parts. They may vary in weight and length of the handle and role in the game. So, what can we recommend for beginners to choose if you, like me, are just beginning to play this game.

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Best Lacrosse Sticks for Beginners
STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 A/M Complete Stick

Why is it better?

  • Affordable price
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Soft mesh stringing
  • Meets NCAA and NFHS Rules
  • Great for beginners

Let us consider detailed reviews of each of the recommended models, their main advantages and disadvantages.

1. STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 A/M

STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 A/M Complete Stick is one of the best choice for beginners.

At low cost, this Stick meets all NCAA and NFHS recommendations. It will be convenient to train and participate in matches. The shape of the head makes it easy to control and capturing the ball.

STX 6000 series alloy handle is quite light and easy to use. The handle is made of durable plastic. Due to this, the cost is quite affordable. It features a strict design and ergonomic shape. Soft mesh strings are very strong and do not tear.

  • Great quality
  • Affordable price
  • Handle featuring tonal “memory marker” graphics
  • Complies with NCAA and NFHS
  • Suitable for matching, not for accurate throws

2. MiM All-in-one Smith Machine and One Ball

STX FiddleSTX Two Pack and One Ball is the ideal budget solution for the novice or child. Initially, you’ll be wrong and can easily damage your stick. So you don’t have to buy something expensive. In this case, you buy two sticks and additionally get the ball.

The handle is made of durable plastic. The tip is provided on one of the sides. The head is strong enough with good grip and strong strings. The lower part allows to hold and throw the ball well. An excellent choice for children. Item display length 33 inches.

  • Best Price
  • Two sticks instead of one
  • Ball included
  • For an adult player it can be too short

3. Franklin Sports Mini Pro Lacrosse Stick

Franklin Sports Mini Pro Style Venom Lacrosse Stick is sold complete with the ball and is perfect for young men. The translucent hanging head has a deep pocket with strong strings. Note that on the handle side, the head has a white backing that helps to hold the ball.

The shaft is thinner and lighter than many analogs. The total weight of the bar is only 0.7 Pounds and the length is 34 inc. The full color shaft wrapper looks great and does not slide in your hand. EVA foam Stop is available. The product looks stylish and is not very expensive. Included with the ball. Suitable for boys and girls.

  • Deep pocket for better play
  • Convenient lightweight shaft
  • Good design
  • The handle bent slightly during sharp shots

4. STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Lacrosse Stick

STX Men’s Stallion 50 Youth Lacrosse Complete Stick length 39in is designed for men. Long enough length will allow to use it for players playing on different positions. Perfectly suitable for the player of the initial level. The glossy handle and strict design will suit more adult guys.

The head is made of soft plastic. Its shape makes it easy to catch the ball. The pocket of medium depth simplifies the training of the shot. This Lacrosse Stick is suitable for adult players who have decided to learn to play on the Attack, Midfield, Face-off positions.

  • Good quality
  • Suitable for use in various positions
  • Light weight
  • Not good for girls

5. CAKLOR Lacrosse Complete Attack/Midfield Stick

CAKLOR Lacrosse Stick is suitable for playing in Attack/Midfield positions. The strict black design looks very belligerent. Made of durable but lightweight material. It has a ball stop and end cap for more convenient use.

The head has a specific shape. The mesh is very strong. You can adjust the pocket for easier ball catch or more accurate throws. The full length of the Stick is just over 40″.

It is a good choice for tall men or boys. It will suit both beginners and more experienced players.

  • Really good quality
  • Adjustable pocket
  • High durability
  • The mesh is quite stiff

6. Warrior Evo Warp Junior Lacrosse Stick

Warrior Evo Warp Junior Lacrosse Stick meets American specifications for lacrosse and is perfect for beginners. The shape of the head at the top is wider and makes it easier to catch the ball even if you are not a very experienced player in Lacrosse. The Flared bottom rail allows for more precise throws and improves ball control.

The grid of the pocket is smaller at the edges and larger inside. The pocket allows you to hold the ball well. The shape of the side walls allows you to make accurate throws. The total length of the stick is 37″. Will be an ideal choice for 6-9 year starting lacrosse players.

  • Lightweight comfort handle
  • Deep pocket
  • Meets US specifications
  • Not suitable for adult players

Best Lacrosse Sticks for Beginners Women’s

The main differences between Boy’s & Girl’s Lacrosse Sticks will be the size and features of the pocket. It should be soft enough. So when choosing Sticks for girls you should consider these differences.

7. STX Crux 400 Women’s Complete Lacrosse Stick

STX Crux 400 Women’s Lacrosse Stick is made for players who are new to lacrosse. The STX Crux 400 has a classic shape and size, made of a strong but lightweight material. This model can be used for players in offensive and midfield positions.

Branded Runway Pocket provides a tight pinch and wide top of the head. It is easy to pass and hold, as well as quickly pick up the ball. It is one of the most advanced Lacrosse Stick for beginners. You can choose from several design options.

  • Designed for women
  • Universal use
  • Convenient shaft
  • Optimal head size and shape
  • It’s a little more expensive

8. STX Lacrosse Exult 200 Girls Complete Stick

STX Lacrosse Exult 200 Girls Stick is designed for girls starting to play lacrosse. It fully complies with international standards, and the norms of USL and FIL. The minimum weight makes the Stick easy to use.

The curved mesh pocket with a wide top of the head is convenient for catching the ball, passing and throwing. The pocket is made of durable plastic, and the Lite mesh is wear-resistant. At the same time, the price is quite affordable. It is an excellent choice if your daughter decided to try her hand at lacrosse.

  • Light weight
  • Full USL and FIL compliance
  • Good price
  • Not very suitable for more adult girls

Buying Guide

Let’s see how to choose the right stick for lacrosse for the novice player and what it consists of.

1. Shaft

The shaft of a lacrosse stick can be made of different materials. The weight and strength of a lacrosse stick depend on it. In most cases, it is made of metal, but can also use carbon materials. Alloys allow you to get good strength with light weight. Let us review the main options:

  • Aluminum alloys are light and strong material. It is not expensive and is good for beginners. Suitable for training, amateur matches.
  • Titanium alloy has high strength and stiffness, but weighs more. It is suitable for more experienced players who play more aggressively. In addition, the price of such shafts is usually higher.
  • Scandium Alloy is like titanium. It is light and flexible, light enough. But it is also suitable for more trained players.
  • Carbon fiber is a lightweight composite material with high strength. It is a great option for girls.

The choice also depends on the position of the player. If you are a midfielder, you do a lot of activities, so the size and weight of your stick should be smaller than the other players. Such recommendations are for men:

  • Attackers and midfielders throw the ball more often and they use stick measuring between 40 and 42 inches.
  • Defense and midfielders are more likely to use the ball between 52 and 72 inches.
  • Goalkeepers choose a stick measuring between 40 and 72 inches depending on their preferences.

You should also consider the height and length of the player’s hands. For beginners, a shorter handle is recommended to make it easier to use. Remember, you can always shorten the length of the bar.

2. Head Type

How to Choose a Lacrosse Stick
Head shape and size may also vary. They also depend on the type of game and level of the player. The head is used to guide the ball and the throws. Usually, it is made of durable plastic, which does not create additional weight, meets the requirements for strength. The head consists of three parts.

The upper part of the bucket. Its player comes into contact with the ground when catching the ball. For beginners are better suited blades with flat shape, which simplifies the selection of the ball. But with them will not be very accurate throw. Therefore, more experienced players choose U-shaped heads.

The side booth can be flexible or rigid. Flexible wall allows easy maneuvering, stiffer wall is more convenient for throwing.

The Pocket

Most often the pocket is netted from nylon tape. They are adjustable. This material reduces the rebound of the ball, which is important for goalkeepers and defenders, as well as suitable for beginners. A tighter pocket allows for more accurate passes and throws.

Deeper pocket allows you to feel and control the ball more. This option is more suitable for beginners. The short pocket is convenient for long distance throws.

The location of the shooting strings is also important. They are located horizontally at the top of the head. They are low depending on the whip of the throw, the ability to set the right angle. This characteristic is especially important for attacking players.

General Conclusion

Beginners will find it easier to master basic skills with a stick, which is lightweight – plastic or aluminum. It will be easier to learn lifting the ball with a flatter and wider bucket. A wide head will simplify the basic actions. The length of the stick should be chosen from the position on which you are most often and your height. You should be comfortable throwing and taking passes.

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