6 Of The Best Elliptical Machine Up to 300 LB Weight Capacity

An elliptical is a bit different from a conventional treadmill, with moveable handles to work your upper body along with your lower body – it’s ideal for running, walking, hiking up stairs, or running with minimal impact.

Interested in getting the best bang for your buck?

You can burn a whopping 365 calories an hour walking on an elliptical without worrying about the impact on your hips and knees that you might experience after a treadmill workout!

But, if you’re looking for a robust, sturdy elliptical with a decent weight capacity, you’ll need a machine built to a great spec that can support your fitness goals wherever you’re at.

Today we look at the six best ellipticals money can buy, with weight capacities of 300 lb – and, in some cases, significantly more.

Short Cut: The Best Elliptical Machine Up to 300 LB?

Here’s a quick snapshot of our favorite 300 lb elliptical if you’re keen to find a straightforward answer and don’t have time to review all the competitors. The Schwinn 470 ticks all the boxes, and the global map makes it way more fun to use – pit yourself against your friends or travel the world from the comfort of your living room!

Schwinn Fitness 470 Elliptical
Schwinn Fitness 470 Elliptical

What made us punt for the Schwinn (aside from the instantly recognizable brand)?

  • Over 50 routes to follow with a speed auto-adjuster
  • 300 lb weight capacity with a 20″ precision stride path
  • A total of 25 resistance levels to work through
  • User-friendly double backlit LCD screen
  • Free assembly available through Amazon
  • Silent operation for peaceful workouts


The Top Six Ellipticals With a 300 LB Weight Capacity

Each of our recommended ellipticals meets at least a 300 lb user capacity and undergoes a tough 24-hour test to ensure the models are up to the task.

1. Schwinn Fitness 470 Elliptical

The steel frame on the Schwinn Fitness 470 Elliptical makes it a solid piece of kit and a model that’s easily designed for everyone, from beginners and heavier users right through to fitness pros wanting a serious challenge.

You get an auto-adjuster, which is a great way to ensure your machine matches your pace, and a motorized adjustable ramp so you can make your climb or run steeper and harder with just the click of a button.

A DualTrack backlit screen (LCD) makes it easy to see how you’re doing without slowing down, and you can flick between 29 workouts to mix it up and try out new routes.

The Explore the World app is a bonus – although note that you’ll need a subscription. Bluetooth connectivity means you can link your elliptical to any other fitness app you prefer, including MyFitnessPal. You can even set yourself targets and tick off each goal as your endurance and heart health improve.

  • Weight capacity: 300 lb
  • Popular model with 2,350 ratings (4/5 stars)
  • Comes with assembly videos and tools
  • Large range of 25 resistance levels
  • Heart rate monitoring enabled
  • 29 different fitness programs to follow
  • The speakers aren’t particularly powerful

There are four different ellipticals in the Schwinn range, but the 470 takes the number one spot as a perfect all-around home exercise machine. It’s got the highest number of resistance levels and workout programs, a large 20″ stride path, and the excellent Explore App to bring a bit of excitement to your daily routine.

2. ANCHEER Elliptical Machine

The magnetic ANCHEER is an almost silent elliptical. Although it can manage a user weight of up to 350 lb, it’s surprisingly compact and will fit into a smaller space if you’re short on storage or want a home workout machine that doesn’t take up tons of room.

Tracking through the LCD monitor is comprehensive. You can keep up with your time exercising, pulse rate, calories burned, speed, and distance covered with a handy turn dial to crank up the resistance if you want to boost intensity.

A black aluminum frame weighs only 35.8 kg, so anybody can transport the elliptical if you need to move it, and you get a set of portable wheels fitted at the bottom. The foot plates are large and cushioned for comfort, and the enhanced flywheel makes your gait feel natural and takes the pressure off your ankles and knees.

Although there are just eight resistance levels, the jump between each is significant, so start slowly and work your way up when you’re warm.

  • Weight capacity: 350 lb
  • Perfect 5-star rating after 62 reviews
  • Non-slip pedals with reverse motion
  • Eight magnetic resistance levels
  • LCD monitor to track all your metrics
  • Sturdy but compact size
  • Slightly tricky to assemble
ANCHEER’s elliptical is built for modern convenience. You can track all the important metrics through the screen, tuck it away when you’re not working out, and use the Electronic Display PULSE mode to watch your heart rate, with a smaller frame size but a respectable 350 lb capacity.

3. FUNMILY Elliptical Machine Elliptical Exercise Machine

Don’t let the brand name put you off. This elliptical has a decent weight capacity (up to 350 lb) and is compact, easy to assemble, and does everything you want from a quiet, high-performance home workout model that won’t cost the earth.

All the parts come pre-greased, so you won’t get grubby putting it together, and you get a well-laid-out instrument panel that is straightforward for anybody to use, whether or not you’re keen to monitor the metrics behind every workout.

The tension adjuster is a nice touch, allowing you to cater to your preferred workout intensity without any fiddly programming. The frame profile – while robust – is light and slightly small so that you can squeeze your elliptical into a discreet corner.

You get those cushioned foot plates in a generous size, portable wheels, and a built-in digital screen with an optional scanning mode to report back on progress.

    • Weight capacity: 350 lb
    • Rated five stars after 38 reviews
    • Available in silver, black, or navy black
    • Shipped direct from a US warehouse
    • Eight levels of magnetic resistance
    • Adjustable knob to turn up the intensity
      • The motion is quite circular rather than truly elliptical
      • Needs two people to assemble

The ultra-quiet magnetic resistance sells the FUNMILY Elliptical for us; if you want to squeeze in your workout at unsociable hours or need a small exercise model that’s perfect for apartments, you’ll have zero trouble moving your elliptical around, and no complaints from the neighbors.

4. Elliptical Machine Magnetic Elliptical Training Machine

Next up, we have this Elliptical Machine from Acheshin, in cool red or gray colorways, incorporating magnetic resistance, eight workout levels, and a max user weight of between 300 – 350 lb.

The elliptical is quiet, with a 13″ stride for a smooth pace, a full upper and lower body workout, and a low impact calorie burner, with pulse pads on the handlebars to monitor your heart rate and help you assess your fitness gains.

We like the inertia-enhanced flywheel, making the movement feel natural, with an adjustable dial to twist as you go, whether you want to cool things down to catch your breath or go harder for a more vigorous workout session.

The digital monitor has a large LCD to avoid squinting or pausing your workout. The frame is sturdy but easy to wheel around, you get a tablet holder if you want to watch a video while you exercise, and best of all, the price point is competitive, with all the essential components you need.

      • Weight capacity: 330 lb
      • 5-star customer rating (29 reviews)
      • Excellent quality elliptical for the price
      • Simple to set up, store, and transport
      • Decent stride length for taller users
      • Customer service is on point
      • Doesn’t come with lots of bells and whistles, but a very functional machine.
Great customer support is always a big bonus, and every customer that’s needed a hand with assembly, working out the controls, or tracking their delivery has reported just that. You get a 100% satisfaction guarantee – and we can’t say much fairer.

5. ANCHEER Elliptical Machine APP Elliptical Machine

In fifth place, we have another elliptical model from ANCHEER – this time the APP home machine, with a fab 390 lb capacity, designed to fit anybody who wants to get a sweat on in their front room.

Available in black or gray, the console supports a range of apps. You can connect with your mobile or tablet, follow your own programs, track progress, link with a step counter or calorie counter, or download the QIBER app, which provides similar exercise monitoring.

The console also has a range of multifunctional capabilities displayed on an LCD, including calories burned, time, speed, distance, and pulse, so you have a range of ways to assess your fitness and decide on the right workout for your level.

You get ten resistance levels with a quiet, smooth operation, non-slip handles with a soft foam cover, and pulse pads positioned on the bars to monitor your heart rate. An extended stride length is great for taller users or when you’re heading on a steep hike.

      • Weight capacity: 390 lb
      • Rated five stars after 34 reviews
      • Quiet electrical motor
      • Ten levels of magnetic resistance to choose from
      • Smart LCD screen with a range of tracking metrics
      • Large cushioned foot plates
      • Slightly more expensive than the non-app compatible model
If you’re on a budget but want a home elliptical that does exactly what it says on the tin, this ANCHEER model is a good choice. It takes about 30 minutes to assemble between two people and is light enough to move between rooms – or take your workout outdoors.

6. FUNMILY A207 Elliptical Trainers Magnetic Elliptical Machines with LCD Monitor

Our final elliptical with a weight limit of 300 lb or above is our second FUNMILY model. Although the manufacturer uses a few different model numbers (A970 and E970), it’s the same device with a range of cool colors – pick from Cargo Green, Bright Silver, or Cargo Black to suit your decor.

The upgraded flywheel is 16 lb, and you get a micro-controller to flick between workout intensity and pick your level of challenge.

Dual handles give optimal support while the quiet motor doesn’t make a sound, and a precision balance machine provides a stable workout, whatever your weight and whether you’re going for a tough session or a gentle hike.

The LCD is clear and includes pulse tracking to monitor your heart rate, including a media shelf and bracket for a tablet or phone, and you can watch your speed, time, distance, and calorie burn as you go.

      • Weight capacity: 390 lb
      • Rated five stars after 19 reviews
      • Shipped direct from a US warehouse
      • Large joint cushioned 15″ stride
      • Supported with nine high-strength bolts
      • User-friendly tension adjustment micro-controller
      • Doesn’t integrate with phone apps

This second FUNMILY elliptical is a compact, user-friendly model and the silent functions make it perfect to use when the rest of your family is asleep. You can get in a great workout in just 20 minutes and incrementally increase the tension to keep challenging yourself to hit new targets.

7. 3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill

Seventh but by no means least, we have the 3G Cardio Pro Runner – and this treadmill has something special that sets it apart (although the value depends on you!). The belt is made with Ortho Flex, an orthopedic belt, which means it can manage runners up to 350 lbs without stressing injuries.

3G has a few models in their treadmill range, but we like the Pro Runner best – the Elite Runner also has a 12 MPH max, but most of the additional cost you pay is for a very slightly larger belt and a longer warranty – which with a 350 lb capacity we’re not sure you need!

Every model comes with a lifetime warranty for the frame and drive motor in any case, so you’re well protected, and you can fold the treadmill up and store it in a corner needing just 40 x 35″ of space, with zero disassembly.

You get eight built-in programs, a one-touch incline function, a reasonable belt size of 20.5 x 58″, and a ton of fitness tests to try out and see how you’re doing.

      • Weight limit: 350 lbs
      • Folds up for easy storage
      • Orthopedic belt to maximize comfort
      • Good 3.0 HP motor with two rollers
      • Interactive heart rate monitor
      • Fairly pricey for the functionality
      • You need to re-enter preferences like your height and weight each time

The 3G Cardio treadmill is well made, quick to assemble, with an accessible weight limit and a fan to keep you cool – it’s a good piece of fitness equipment, with the range to get fast when you start to improve your endurance.

The Benefits of an Elliptical With a 300 LB Capacity

An elliptical is a versatile bit of workout kit that anyone can use – so if you get a good quality machine that can handle 300 lb or above, your whole household can get involved.

They’re much easier to use if you’re new to exercising because the movement mimics walking. You can start to boost your endurance and cardiovascular fitness in minimal time, combining both upper and lower body workouts simultaneously.

One of the most compelling reasons to opt for a 300 lb capacity elliptical is that this sort of model is low-impact.

You’ll know that running and treadmills can be extremely uncomfortable if you’re heavier, causing dangerous stress levels on your knees.

Even if you haven’t exercised in years, the lower resistance settings will gradually build on your aerobic capacity without putting you at risk.

If you get a few pre-installed programs, you’ll usually find it easier to stick with your plan.

Here’s a quick recap of the advantages of investing in an elliptical:

  • Improve your cardio capacity and stamina simultaneously – strengthen your heart, muscles, and lungs with a blend of regular sessions and high-intensity intervals.
  • Maximum calorie burn for your time invested – the more you weigh, the more you can burn, and you can add in quick bursts at higher resistance.
  • Safeguard your joints, ideal if you have injuries or creaky knees, hips, and ankles. Because you don’t lift your feet up and down but keep them constantly on the pedals, you minimize the impact as a non-weight-bearing workout.
  • Exercise your whole body – the handles on an elliptical enable you to focus on your arms, chest, and shoulders while also challenging your legs, glutes, abs, and back, so you get a true whole body workout in one go.
  • Straightforward to use – many workout machines are overly complex or intimidating if you’re unsure how they work or how to get in a great workout. An elliptical is one of the easier models out there, and it’s very hard to get it wrong.

Safety Tips for Using an Elliptical Machine at Home

An elliptical (also sometimes called a cross-trainer) is a safe way to exercise at home.

However, we’d always suggest familiarizing yourself with the controls and settings so you won’t need to stop during a workout to adjust the levels.

To ensure you’re using your elliptical safely, we’d advise you to always step onto the pedals when they’re at the lowest point of the cycle – that means you won’t prompt your workout machine to begin a new rotation while you’re still settling in.

As you step on, it’s wise to hold onto the handlebar – the fixed part – to avoid tumbling over, and you can then grab hold of the moving handles once you’re ready to go and want to get a good arm workout in.

It’s always best to start any exercise routine gradually and keep control, so you’re not outpacing yourself too quickly.

While we know an elliptical is low impact, don’t be deceived into thinking it is easy because you’ll soon feel it the next day.

Warm-ups are important both for your muscles and for the durability of your elliptical machine.

It’s better to warm up and down again, usually allocating a good five minutes at the start and end of each session to give yourself a chance to flush out lactic acid and let your muscles slowly relax rather than providing a sudden shock.

During each workout, the idea is to focus on good form – a slow, steady movement with perfect form is far more beneficial than a hard and fast session if you’re curving your spine, not hitting your proper stride length, or moving at a varying speed.

In terms of proper form, here’s what you should aim for:

  • Knees, hips, and ankles should be in a straight line when your leg is fully upright, and that ensures your joints are correctly aligned, and you maintain your posture.
  • Try to stand tall – hunching over or bending is bad for your back. Your knees should move toward your upper body, not the other way around.
  • Don’t be tempted to pick your feet up from the foot plates because that can put excess strain on your lower back. Balance and keeping contact throughout are the best ways to stop your lumbar from becoming locked.
  • If you need a quick break, either pause your workout or focus on working harder with your arms or legs. You can let go of the handlebars for a short while, but only if you are confident you are stable and won’t slip.
  • The most efficient movement involves moving your knee forward and slightly lifting your heel. You then put your heel back down and push through your heel as you work through the revolution.

Don’t worry too much about adjusting the pedals immediately.

Although you can work your posterior chain harder with a slightly higher pedal, it isn’t essential, and the better approach is to check you can fully extend your leg.

What to Look for in a 300 LB Capacity Elliptical Machine

All of the ellipticals we have mentioned here have a maximum user weight of at least 300 lb, but that’s not the only feature that will ensure you have a great workout machine that you’ll use again and again.

  1. Flywheel weight. A super-heavy flywheel of over 21 kg is designed for heavy use, usually two or three times a day. Moderate flywheels of 11 to 21 kg are suitable for workouts up to three times a week, and a lightweight flywheel, anything under 11 kg, is usually best suited to occasional use. Very light wheels mean you don’t get a lot of resistance.
  2. Stride length. The goal isn’t necessarily to stretch your legs to their absolute maximum stride every time (although you want an elliptical appropriate for your height.). Rather, you want to make sure your legs are not limited or cramped to get the most out of every workout.
  3. Resistance type. Most quality ellipticals are either mechanical or magnetic, and there is a difference. Magnetic resistance means you can modify your workout from the console or use an adjustable dial. Mechanical resistance ellipticals change the intensity according to how hard you pedal.
  4. Console screens. A lot depends on whether you want an elliptical you can integrate with an app you already have, but an LCD is a preference with a backlit screen, so you don’t have to work out in bright light.
  5. Machine weight. While all these ellipticals can manage heavier user weights, most are pretty lightweight as a model, which means you will be able to move your machine, store it in a cupboard or transport it between rooms. However, a moderate weight is preferable so that you won’t feel unstable.

FAQs – Choosing the Best 300 LB Elliptical Machine

To ensure you can invest in your fitness with confidence, below, we’ve answered some of the most asked questions about the best ellipticals for home workouts, designed for users up to 300 lb.

How Can I Make Sure I Burn More Calories on My Elliptical?

The first thing to say is that to start with; you don’t need to get bogged down in metrics and calories burned.

It’s best to concentrate on establishing a routine, feeling comfortable on the elliptical, and celebrating that you’re investing time and effort in your health.

You’ll burn so much more if you can make exercise a positive habit, and over-exertion or strenuous workouts that leave you sore and stiff aren’t ideal, so take it easy and start with a pace and workout time that feels manageable.

Later on, you can play with the resistance dials, ramp up your pace and start chasing new goals, but it’s a long game that you should play at a steady speed.

Can I Vary Elliptical Workouts to Avoid Getting Bored?

Everybody who regularly exercises at home will likely agree that if you follow the same routine every day, it quickly becomes stale and not something you’ll look forward to.

Our advice is to make sure you have a machine with programs to follow, pre-set workouts, an app where you can follow routes, or different challenges, so you’re always doing something different.

Tracks are an awesome workout, especially if you have a quality screen – you can hike up mountains, explore forests, and speed around urban routes to keep your mind engaged.

Is it Worth Buying a Heavy Duty Elliptical?

An elliptical with a good weight capacity isn’t just a short-term fix but a great workout model that will remain an integral part of your workout regime.

You can always go for hard and fast sessions or tackle bigger challenges as your fitness catches up.


The road to fitness and heart health doesn’t have to be a hard one, and an elliptical is a perfect choice if you want an accessible, user-friendly workout machine that will help you reach your wellbeing goals without risking injury.

Many commercial gyms have great ellipticals that can support heavier users.

Still, many also prefer to work out in the privacy of their home, especially if you don’t have spare time to invest in exercise and need an efficient way to burn calories and boost your heart rate.

Always check the weight limits on any fitness machines you use; a lightweight model that isn’t designed to help larger bodies work on their health might be rickety or unstable.

All of the ellipticals in our list are robust, solid machines and can handle up to 390 lb in weight, so pick your favorite option, and happy hiking.

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