Best Elbow Sleeve for Weightlifting

Weightlifting involves a high level of injury. All components of training are important. In addition to the technique of exercise, the correct choice of weight is important equipment. We have formed our best elbow sleeve for weightlifting 2019 rating.
Our choice is Elbow Compression Sleeves from Nordic Lifting company. We offer to study the results of our work and to understand this topic in more detail. In addition, we will answer the most common questions. Let’s get started.

TOP 5 Elbow Sleeve Reviewed:

Now propose to consider detailed reviews this equipment. We will dwell on the features, advantages and disadvantages of use. But before briefly as we selected the Best Elbow Sleeve for this rating. I must say that some of them are specialized for weightlifters. Sounds great? It is.
First, we studied how they cope with their functions, how they are suitable for Weightlifting, how long they will last. Next, we considered the individual features of each product. So let’s move on to detailed reviews

1. Elbow Compression Sleeves by Nordic Lifting

Why is this Elbow Sleeve Best for Weightlifting?
First of all, it is a great quality. You can use it to prevent injuries or recover from an elbow joint sprain. The composition of the material is nylon yarn combined with Spandex & latex yarn. Sleeve qualitatively fixes the position of the elbow. But at the same time to ensure optimal compression. The manufacturer is confident in the quality of its products and gives good warranty conditions.

Further ease of use. The shape of Elbow Sleeve takes into account the peculiarities of the elbow joint, provides flexion of the hand. This does not cause waves or slipping sleeves. The outer side is resistant to wear.

An important advantage is the 5 different sizes including XX-Large. This is important because weightlifters ‘ hands usually have a large diameter. Many of these sleeves just do not fit on their hands. This means that if your arm is 14.5″ – 16.5″ in the bend of your elbow, you will also be able to use them. The size does not affect the price.

  • warm and well-fixed elbow
  • the optimal level of compression
  • 5 size options including XXL
  • good wear resistance without loss of elasticity
  • the main difficulties that we can talk about are associated with choosing the right size.

2. Gymreapers Elbow Sleeves

The key feature and advantage of this elbow sleeves is their specialization for weightlifters. The thickness of the 5 millimeters. The material used provides a reliable fixation of the joint, even under high loads. Also, the sleeve provides a warming effect. All this provides protection from injuries, sprains and more when doing exercises.

The quality of the material was not in doubt. Neoprene is used. It is soft and comfortable. All seams are stitched with a double seam. Even with active use, the elbow will not break. It is convenient to put on and take off. During the break between exercises, he does not press his hand, you can not remove it.

A pair of wrist wraps are also included. They are made in a similar design and perfectly complement the elbow pads.

  • specialized for weightlifters
  • wrist Wraps included
  • 5 sizes available
  • high quality and comfort of use
  • the price is higher than other Elbow Sleeves

3. PowerLix Elbow Brace Compression Support

PowerLix Elbow Brace Compression Support are more versatile. They can be used in inflammation of the joints, the consequences of injuries. They are also perfect for fixing and warming elbows during training. Powerlux company specializes in the production of such accessories. You can also buy additional knee brace, ankle brace and compression socks.

The material is made of a special fabric with good stretching. Any size can expand to 60 percent larger than the original. This level of compression combines the possibility of good fixation without circulatory disorders. It provides quality support and joint warming with good durability. The elbow pads are soft and pleasant to the touch. Easy to remove.

There are two color options and 4 sizes. The design is suitable for men and girls. 6 month warranty with no questions asked return.

  • ergonomic design and 2 possible colors
  • 4 available sizes, the possibility of increasing the diameter up to 60%
  • special Anti-slip system
  • over time, it loses its elasticity and slides off the hand
  • users had difficulties with the choice of size

4. APOYO Elbow Compression Sleeve

Feature and advantage of APOYO Elbow Compression Sleeve is the presence of a compression belt. It allows you to more securely fix the sleeve on the arm. It will not slide off during training. The lock on the Velcro you can easily adjust it.

The sleeve is made of breathable knitted fabric. It warms the elbow but lets air in. Your hand does not sweat and you can use it all day without discomfort.

Kinesiology Tape is included as a bonus. They are used to heal elbow injuries and can more reliably fix the joint. The level of compression allows you to sew up the ligaments and joint from injuries during training. And although it is not a specialized weightlifter sleeve, it is perfect for you. That’s a great offer. Among other things, the manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty.

  • adjustable latch to counteract slippage
  • included with Kinesiology Tape
  • excellent quality and lifetime warranty
  • we did not find a shop where there is a choice of all 4 sizes (everywhere there are only 2 sizes)

5. SB SOX Compression Elbow Brace

SBS OX Compression Elbow Brace is a great budget option. At a modest price, it is suitable for Weightlifting. Two design options and 4 possible sizes. Quite good quality material. Special knitted fabric provides an optimal level of compression and good air flow. The elbow is fixed but not transmitted. Suitable for both injury treatment and training.

The shape of the sleeve prevents slipping. At the same time they are easy to dress and well-fitting hand. The upper part is stitched with a double durable seam. This part of sleeves the most vulnerable and often is tearing. This will not happen with SBS OX. Wide size range will make this accessory even tilotama with big hands.

The company produces a whole line of products of this type. We found no significant differences from the more expensive sleeves.

  • the best price
  • the upper and lower no-slip cuff
  • excellent compression and fixation of the elbow
  • the main difficulty arose with the selection of the size

$ Buyer’s Guide

In fact, it is not so easy to choose the right sleeves if you have not used them before. We will try to describe the most important factors of choice.

Recommendations for use are injuries or sprains of the elbow joint. You may experience discomfort during the movement of the arm, elbow extension. In some cases, this may occur under load. They can also be used to avoid injuries and sprains. The main task in this case for the sleeves will be to warm and fix the joint.
  • Specialization. Some manufacturers focus on weightlifters. Therefore, the size range includes large sizes, takes into account significant loads on the elbow joints during training.
  • Choice of size. It is important to choose the right size. If you compare several size matching tables you will see that they are different. That is, the size L will fit slightly different hand size. This is partly due to the different elasticity of the material.
  • Quality and warranty. Since we are considering sleeves for Weightlifting the question of strength is relevant. To compare the quality pay attention to the seams, the presence of anti-slip cuffs. Also compare the warranty terms.

Frequently Asked Questions


In case of injuries of the elbow joint or to prevent them. Elbows are often at risk of injury and this may involve breaks in training. To avoid this it is necessary to protect the elbows. It is necessary to perform a warm-up and better use the sleeves in training.


Their use eliminates discomfort during exercise. In weightlifting, this is important because when lifting a large weight, serious injuries are possible. Therefore, when using sleeves, you are more confident and you are more comfortable to perform each approach. They don’t work as the gear that the spring weight. But in my opinion to some extent can improve the effectiveness of training and results.


You need for each specific sleeve to find the size table. Next you need to measure the arm at the elbow. The size table will map the size ranges of the hand and the size of the items. Sizes for different manufacturers may vary slightly.

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