Best Adjustable Kettlebell 2021

If You decide to use in your training kettlebell a great solution is to use an Adjustable Kettlebell. We studied the ten most popular products and chose the best of them. In our opinion, the best combination of quality and usability is Stamina X Kettle Versa-Bell. For certain categories of users, the choice may be different.

We suggest you consider the resulting rating of Best Adjustable Kettlebell 2020. Compare them, consider the detailed reviews and tell how we made the choice. As a bonus, we will tell you how to make your choice and start using this fitness equipment. So let’s get started.

TOP 6 Adjustable Kettlebell

Best Choice
Stamina X Kettle Versa-Bell review
Stamina X Kettle Versa-Bell
  • 6 weight levels
  • Easy-to-use lock system
  • Comfortable handle for one or two hands
  • Weight: 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36 lbs

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Best for Women
Empower Kettlebell Weight Set review
Empower Kettlebell Weight Set
  • Easy to use: Click and Twist
  • Grip while performing smooth
  • Designed for women
  • Weight: 5, 8, 12 lbs

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Rocketlok 14-20 Adjustable Kettlebell review
Rocketlok 14-20 Adjustable Kettlebell
  • Maximum balanced weight
  • Easy and quick weight change
  • Ergonomic handle shape
  • Weight: 14, 17, 20 lbs

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Titan Fitness Kettlebell  review
Titan Fitness Kettlebell
  • Convenient heavy-duty, plastic clamp for weight change
  • Handle is 1.5” wide
  • 6 adjustable plates
  • Weight: 10 - 40 lbs

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POWERBLOCK Kettlebell review
  • Easy changing of weight
  • Wide handle
  • A flat base is easy to put on the floor
  • Weight: 18, 22, 26, 35 lbs

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SelectTech 840  review
SelectTech 840
  • Easy changing of weight
  • Wide ergonomic handle
  • Excellent design
  • Weight: 8, 12, 20, 25, 35, 40 lbs

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Adjustable Kettlebell Reviews

Next, we will tell you how to determine the leaders, by what criteria we chose the best models. Consider the detailed reviews, advantages, and disadvantages of the selected Kettlebells. The results of our research are presented below.
The main criterion of choice was the ability to fully replace a set of weights one without loss of usability. We wanted to find an option in which you will save money, free space. But get full training opportunities.

1. Stamina X Kettle Versa-Bell (16 – 36 lbs)

The leader of our rating was Stamina X Kettle Versa-Bell. Why did we decide that? First of all, let’s consider the possibilities of training. The weight has a standard shape and the selected weight and the removed weight tiles do not affect its shape. The handle is round and has the most comfortable thickness and is made of cast iron. It is equally convenient to take one or two hands.
Removable weight located inside the pressure hull. The plates are made of cast iron (some of these models use tiles made of cast iron, and they are less durable). A special patented system is used for its adjustment. You can choose from 6 weight options. By switching the weight of the installed locking mechanism also, the top covered with a clamp.

The kit includes a small Mat that can be used during training. It will protect the floor from damage and you from unnecessary noise. It is convenient to perform such exercises as Swing, Sumo Deadlift, Windmill, Lunge Press. Possible for exercises like Figure 8 it will be convenient for something more compact.

Choosing Stamina X Kettle Versa-Bell you buy reliable and high-quality equipment. You will be able to use it in your training. Choosing one of the 6 weight options you will be able to perform many exercises. Without losing functionality, save space and money. With all this, the price remains quite favorable and now offers a good discount. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to this equipment.

  • Possibility of a choice from 6 options of replaceable weight
  • High-quality components
  • Comfortable handle for one or other hands
  • It is convenient to perform all exercises
  • At any weight the Kettlebell is balanced
  • Special Mat included
  • Weight can be heavy for girls

2. Empower Kettlebell Weight Set for Women (5 – 12 lbs)

Empower Kettlebell Best Adjustable Kettlebell for Women
This equipment is just perfect for women. They are quite compact and convenient for training. Consider in more detail what advantages they give when buying.

One of the main features of this Kettlebell is a kind of design. To adjust the weight, you press and scroll the knob. You can choose from three weight options. It is as simple and fast as possible. You will not be forced to make long pauses between exercises. And the proposed weight for women will be enough to perform all the necessary exercises.
The size of the handle is focused on women. Girls will be comfortable to take one or two hands. The finish is soft enough. This makes the training process more comfortable. And also reduces the noise when lowering the weight on the floor.
Even if you are a beginner, you can easily start training with this equipment. Its use is convenient. But in addition, the kit includes a DVD with training program for the whole body.
Sounds great? But there is another good news. At the moment, the Empower Kettlebell Weight Set has a great discount. Do not miss the great opportunity to purchase excellent equipment for training at home at a great price.

  • Ideal for women
  • Fast weight change
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Included training DVD
  • More suitable only for women
  • To divide the weight of the necessary efforts

3. Rocketlok Adjustable Kettlebell (14 – 20 lbs)

Excellent model with a kind of weight adjustment system. It has good strength and fairly compact size. Suitable for home gym.

A good model in which the replaceable weight looks in the form of cylinders. They are made of durable steel. So even if you drop them on the floor they will not be damaged. By inserting one or more weights into the body, you can set one of the three available weight options.

Fixation is performed on the protective cover. It is placed on the lock. It is important not to forget to bring it in the correct position. Fixation is reliable and safe. The cancer location of the additional weight makes the weight well balanced. The body is made of cast steel. It has high strength and wears resistance.
The handle has a standard shape and dimensions. You will be able to perform exercises with one or two hands equally conveniently. Compact size allows you to conveniently store and use this equipment.

  • Good strength
  • Compact size and comfortable grip
  • Standard shape and good balance
  • Only three possible weight options
  • The locking mechanism did not seem reliable enough

4. Titan Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell (10 – 40 lbs)

Titan Fitness
Model of Titan Fitness with a weight range of 10-40 lb. 6 interchangeable plates to change the weight. Optimal size, comfortable handle size 1.5”.

A special system is used to change the weight. Set the tiles from the cast metal in the required quantity. After that, it is fixed with a strong plastic clamp. Reliable fixation makes further training safe. A wide range of weight options makes this equipment a good choice for both beginners and trained users.
The weight has a standard round shape. The handle size is 1.5 ” which is convenient for grip. It is powder coated and has high strength. The shape of the handle is straight and allows you to comfortably hold the weight with both hands. Also, the handle can be used for push-UPS.

Weight change is simplified by a convenient mechanism. In our opinion, one of the inconveniences was the need to install the tiles in a certain order. This made the process of changing the weight and assembling the kettlebell a little longer. This may be a problem with the initial use of the equipment. The mechanism itself is quite simple and easy to use.

  • 6 weight options
  • fast and reliable weight change
  • wide handle with optimal thickness
  • One user shared a photo of the crashed weight plates
  • Smooth handle will not be comfortable for all exercises

5. POWERBLOCK Adjustable Kettlebell (18 – 35 lbs)

Non-standard form is both an advantage and a disadvantage. If you are used to round weights maybe this equipment will not be convenient for you. But it has its advantages. Consider them.

For this equipment, there are 3 options for additional weight. It is placed inside and fixed with a special magnetic pin. It is quite safe and reliable. At the same time, weight change takes a record short time. You just moved the retainer and lifted the weight. Weight already changed.

The solid outer shell is made of durable steel. The handle has a volume of 1.29″. We thought it was a bit thin when testing it. The advantage of the handle – it does not slip even when the hands are sweating. Its width allows you to take one or two hands is quite convenient. The flat bottom makes it very stable and you can use the weight handle when doing pushups. It is not very convenient to use this Kettlebell when running Halo. But in most exercises when the weight is on top of the hand we thought this form is even more convenient standard.

  • The most simple and fast weight change
  • Good strength
  • The shape and thickness of the handle may not be suitable for everyone

6. Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable 840 Kettlebell (8 – 40 lbs)

One of the best novelties to be noticed is the Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Kettlebell. Let’s take a closer look at its capabilities.
The majority of trained users are well aware of the collapsible dumbbells of the brand. In our opinion, the best new product is SelectTech 840 Kettlebell. It fully replaces 6 individual weights. You don’t lose any convenience or opportunity and you can do all the possible exercises comfortably.

The handle is wide and ergonomic. Switching is done by simply turning the switch. This can be done and continued with a different weight. An important advantage is high strength and durability. Weight settings include 8, 12, 20, 25, 35 and 40 lbs.

Support in the form of 24-hour access to information resources is available to simplify your workouts. For our part, we are ready to recommend Kettlebell for purchase. It is suitable for beginners as well as for experienced athletes.

  • Easy weight adjustment
  • Wide ergonomic handle
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Modern design
  • 6 weight options
  • The form is not traditional.

$ Buying Guide 2020

Choosing such equipment, we recommend paying attention to several important factors that will ultimately determine the success of the purchase.

  • Decide the weight you need. For you to actively use the weight in your training, its weight should be right for you right now. Many buy with promising growth results. But this is a mistake. You need to train now, so proceed with your current needs.
  • Number of weight options. The more weight options you can use the more different exercises with the number of repetitions you need will be available to you. We recommend that you first pay attention to Adjustable Kettlebell where there are at least 4 weight options.
  • Handle. You should be comfortable to use the purchased equipment. The handle should have a convenient shape, thickness, and width. Try to take a weight with both hands. Optimal for beginner’s classic shape and average thickness. The too-wide handle is not very comfortable when doing exercises with one hand.
  • Price. Do not buy the cheapest models. They quickly break down and you’ll be disappointed. Pay attention to the terms of purchase – shipping costs and warranty conditions. Paying a little more for better equipment, you can use it longer and often it will be more convenient.

Best Adjustable Kettlebell F.A.Q.

# Adjustable kettlebell vs standard?

For most home workouts, Adjustable Kettlebell is more convenient to use. Training opportunities are the same. But you don’t need so much storage space for multiple Kettlebells. You will also spend less money to buy it.

# What size kettlebell should i get?

It depends on the weight you need. The more weight you need, the bigger the weight you need. But it is better to be guided not only by this parameter. For example, you should pay attention to the convenience of the handle. It should be wide and comfortable in thickness.

# Are kettlebells better than dumbbells?

There’s no definitive answer. If your style of training is more like a classic bodybuilding dumbbells will be more versatile. If you want to train in the crossfit style, you may need more weight. Ideal even for a home gym to buy both Kettlebell and dumbbells.

We hope our best Adjustable Kettlebell rating was useful to you. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments. We will be glad to receive your feedback.


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