AB Roller Workout

AB Roller is a simple and inexpensive fitness equipment. With it you can train the core muscles and press. Ab Roller Workout are very effective for everyone. The benefit of training is not only that you train and form a beautiful sexy press. You get a solid corset of their muscle which is required in all sports game, combat sports. So in this post we have prepared information about ab roller workouts.

Benefits of Training with AB Roller

For training the abdominal muscles has a lot of different fitness equipments and exercises. Each option has its own advantages. For training with ab roller it is:

  • integrated training of the core muscles
  • the work includes up to 20 muscles, including muscle stabilizers
  • with the correct technique, the posture is corrected
  • increases endurance of back muscles
  • improves and develops muscle co-ordination
  • the ability to do more exercise properly with heavy weight through proper retention of the trunk

Contraindications for Training with Roller

Since the exercises have their own characteristics there are contraindications for its implementation. These include:

  • Serious injuries of the spine, joints
  • Pregnancy
  • Repetitive strain injury

Muscles that Work During Training

This is a complex exercise, which simultaneously works a large number of muscle groups. Among them:


  • ABS and Core. These muscles get a significant load. Straight muscles are involved in flexion and extension of the body, work in both cycles of movement. Oblique muscles act as a stabilizer when rolling forward. They also actively participate in the work during the exercises with rotation to the side.
  • Back. Back muscles are involved in rolling back and forth, hold the body in static exercises and stabilize its position.
  • Deltas. All three beams of deltoids are involved in almost all exercises.
  • Chest Muscles. Participate in the process as additional muscles are actively involved in the work with a large amplitude of movement.
  • Legs and buttocks. Included in the work when performing exercises with straight legs.
  • Arms. Feel the static load. Used to keep the balance of the wheel when driving.
  • Joints. In addition to the main muscle groups involved in training tendons and joints.

Exercises for AB Roller Workout

Training with this equipment can be performed together with other exercises for the press muscles. Either you can do super series or circles of different variations of exercises with a roller. I usually include in training one of the exercises along with light leg training. Or multiple 3-4 set after training of the arms or shoulders. Below are the basic exercises that can be used in training.

General Recommendation

Before we introduce you to the exercises, we suggest you to study the General recommendations that are important to follow during training.

Warnings: make sure there are no contraindications, which we wrote above. Always perform a light warm-up, this will reduce the likelihood of injury or stretching. Use serviceable equipment. Hands should not slide on the handle. For the convenience of the exercise, use a Mat for knees, which is included in the kit or other fitness Mat. A minimum of 40 minutes should pass after a meal.

Technique of exercises: taking the starting position slowly and controlled start moving, passing the desired distance, pause for 1-2 seconds. During the exercise with ab roller you need to be grouped, keeping the balance of the body. Keep your back and neck straight. Hands should also be straight, allowed to slightly bend them at the elbow.

No need to try to change their position on the handle during the exercise. Try not to move your wrists. Do 8-15 reps in each set. If you do not have enough strength to perform exercises with the right technique, ask your assistant to help you, as well as perform additional exercises on the lagging muscle groups. Breathe evenly.

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So, let’s move on to the exercises themselves. We describe General principles without taking into account the specifics of individual models of equipment that can reduce the load.

1. Ab Wheel Plank

Ab Wheel Plank
Great exercise for beginners. It allows you to strengthen the necessary muscle groups, learn to keep balance. You will understand how to hold the roller in the future when performing exercises. To perform, kneel, set the roller in front of you and grasp the handle, straighten your legs and keep your body flat for 30 to 60 seconds.

2. Knee Roll-Out at Half Amplitude

The easiest version of the exercise, which is recommended for beginners. Holding hands on the handle on his knees perform rolling forward in half the possible amplitude of the movement. The lighter part of the movement is performed to an angle between the arms and the body of about 90 degrees, after which the reverse movement is performed. It is recommended to perform 10-15 repetitions.

3. Knee Roll-Out in Full Amplitude

Knee Roll-Out in Full Amplitude
The next step as training will be similar to the movement at full amplitude. A similar movement is performed, but the rollback is performed to the end point until the torso is almost parallel to the floor. It is recommended to perform 8-12 repetitions.

4. Roll-Out from the Prone Position

To make it easier to perform the exercise in full amplitude on straight legs, you can perform this exercise. Lie on the floor on his stomach, taking the roller in his hands straighten them forward in front of him. With a force of starting the movement for full recovery. After that, slowly return to the starting position. Lying on the floor muscles will get a break, which will simplify the task. 8-12 repetitions.

5. Roll-Out with Stop

Roll-OUT with Stop
Also, if you immediately perform a rollback with ab rolls, it is difficult to use the limiter. This can be a wall or other object that allows you to rest against the roller at the farthest point of movement. This will eliminate the peak load when rolling back. Having rested you will be able to make a pause in 1-2 seconds without need to stop by means of force of muscles. Perform 8-12 repetitions

6. Roll-Оut of Standing Position

To take up these variants of the exercise is when all the previous options are performed without significant effort. Standing on straight legs bend over, put the roller on the floor and start moving forward until the floor is touched by the chest. After a pause of 1-2 seconds back to the starting position. Tip: stand with legs approximately shoulder nasirin, it will increase the stability and simplify the exercise. 8-15 reps

7. Aside Roll-Оut

aside turns
Having mastered the basic options of exercises, you can perform additional ones. In this embodiment, the exercises you need to perform a forward movement with a turn to the side. So you are more involved oblique abdominal muscles. You must perform an equal number of repetitions in each side. Perform 12-16 repetitions

8. Push-UPS from the Roller

You train your arm muscles (triceps), shoulders, chest. Holding the video in front of you become the bar. Slowly perform push-UPS, keeping balance. The work actively includes muscle stabilizers. Recommended number of repetitions 8-12

9. Bridge Hold

Bridge Hold
This exercise trains the hips and buttocks, as well as the lower back. To perform lie on your back, spread your hands slightly to the side and put your hands down. Feet are set on the handle of the roller. Bending his legs in his lap roll up to him lifting the pelvis up. Hold this position for a few seconds and return to the starting position. Initially perform 8-12 reps.

10. One-Leg Roll-Out

This is a more complex version of the standard rolling out on straight legs. Require good training of the muscles of the stabilizers. Standing on the floor roller put in front of you, start rolling out firmly holding the handle. Lift one leg, hold it straight. The reverse movement is performed standing on one leg. Returning to the original starting position and repeat the movement of raising the second leg and making a 6 – 10 repetitions.

11. Oblique Tuck with Roller

Also, this exercise can be performed to train oblique muscles. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that when performing reverse movement alternately rises leg bent at the knee to the elbow alternately on each side. It is recommended to perform an equal number of repetitions on each side.

We recommend that you gradually master these exercises and take the time to do a large number of repetitions. Initially, it is important to learn the right technique. For efficiency, mix and match exercises and gradually decrease the rest time between sets. Also, the regularity of training is important for the result. We wish you Success in mastering ab movie.

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