Ab Lounge Sport

ab lounge sport

Ab Lounge Sport the Ultimate Abdominal Machine that will effectively train your muscles, you involve different muscle groups and types of fibers. You receive a variety of load without leaving home.

What is an Ab Lounge Sport

The frame is made of high quality material that can withstand a maximum user weight up to 275 lbs. Plastic items are durable enough. The clever design efficiently supports the body during exercise, making the workout efficient and comfortable.
Ab Lounge
Ab lounge sport is an ab machine that allows you to train users of all levels. The main advantage is the design of the chair to work on the principle of a folding jackknife. The Ab Lounge Sport allows you to train upper and lower abdominal muscles, core muscles is much more effective than the standard ab machine. Muscles that work together the load is distributed evenly. The work further includes the muscles stabilizers and the muscles of the back.


Model Ab Lounge Sport
Dimensions: 39.5 x 30 x 44.5 in
Shipping Weight: 38.3 pounds
Weight Limit: 275 pounds

Specifications and Parts

Ab Lounge Sport parts

When you purchase you also get a dvd with all the necessary information on how to use Ab Lounge Sport, exercise, nutrition. This will allow faster to achieve results and become stronger and more beautiful.

The Ab Lounge Sport Features

  • You can train all the abdominal muscles simultaneously
  • When performing reliable supported body, neck and head
  • Includes detailed video instructions on training and nutrition
  • Can be folded and easy to store
  • Stands equipped with non-slip grip

Most of the negative comments and questions we found were related to the lack of spare parts and Assembly of this equipment. Therefore, we recommend to read the instructions and only then start the build. PDF-manual for Ab Lounge you can download here. It contains:


How to Do Ab Lounge Sport Exercises

It seems too simple… You lie on the couch and turns Your abs into six-pack. There are some secrets. Let’s take first things first. Actually the whole thing in a clever design that combines the effectiveness of exercise and comfortable accommodation of the user’s body. More stretching of muscles allows you to maximize the use of all fibers and muscle stomach and core.
For greater efficiency can also be used rubber band. It will allow you to perform exercises for the triceps, biceps and deltoids. To get the maximum result of the exercises are performed several in the superseries. In the beginning any exercise routine it is recommended to perform a warm-up for 10 – 15 minutes. This will prevent injury and stretching. Prepare the heart for further loads. So, consider the basic exercises.

1. Basic Jakknife

The easiest exercise is a Basic Jakknife. To run starting position: feet install on the bandwagon, his hands grasp the handle at the top. Slowly lower the body caved in as possible before the hands touch the floor. Then gradually return to starting position. You can combine exercises with a short and a full range of motion.
Basic Jakknife

2. Oblique Jackknife

Take the initial position. Slide the right knee and place your feet on the bandwagon. The left hand grasp the handle. A right hand put on the left thigh. Do the exercise with a focus on the oblique abdominal muscles. After a few repetitions change the position to the opposite.

Oblique Jackknife

Jackknife With Leg Lift

This exercise is similar to the previous, but with the twist of the shell for additional load alternately lift leg bent at the knee.
Ab Lounge Exersise

Lateral Jackknife

This is a more isolated exercise for the abdominal muscles. To run it you need to be on your side and perform the exercise alternately. It is suitable for more experienced users.
Ab Lounge Exersise 2

Additional Exercises

For a more complete workout you can use rubber bands. They can be fixed on the body of the Ab Lounge Sport. With them you can perform additional exercises for the muscles of the arms – triceps, biceps.

Tips for Best Results

For high-quality training, it is recommended to perform exercises for 30-40 minutes combining the workout with other exercises. For a beautiful and sexy press is also recommended to normalize the power. Useful information their DVD, which is sold in the kit.
For greater efficiency, the manufacturer recommends to use a WORKOUT TRACKING SHEETS. Where you need to capture the current results. With a combination of regular training, cardio workouts and proper nutrition you will definitely get an excellent result.

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