Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Review

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro for core workout is a more advanced version of Ab roller that allows you to perform workouts more conveniently and efficiently. In this ab carver review, we will explain how the built-in resistance mechanism can increase the effectiveness of your training.

Describe the main exercises by which you will be able to achieve a good shape, to train the abdominal muscles, arms and shoulders. We will assess the most important selection criteria. Finally, tell me where to buy this model.

Among other things, we will look at why we shouldn’t buy numerous analogs.

What’s good about the original Ab Carver Pro and what opportunities it gives its owners. Keep reading

Basic Characteristic

Let’s consider the main technical characteristics of this equipment.

Manufacturer Perfect Fitness
Dimensions 9 x 7.9 x 9 inches
Weight 5.15 pounds
Item model number 31042
  • high-density foam knee pad for superior comfort;
  • downloadable 21-day workout plan;
Manufacturer warranty 1-year
Price Check Here

You can easily understand how to use this roller. But perhaps you will be interested in the user manual. We recommend that you read the warnings before using them.

You can download Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro User Manual here.

In addition, it describes the basic principles of operation and use. This won’t take long, but will make it easier to start using the roller.

Perfect Ab Carver PRO Main Feature

Many customers choose this model of a roller, although there are many similar models. Why do they do this?

1. Wide Wheel

The wheel is wider and has a specific shape. The surface of the tire relief. This allows for increased stability. Also, you will be easier to perform turns to the side. So you will be able to do the exercises for the oblique muscles of the abdomen.

Also, the wheels have a specific shape and excellent balance, which is not the case with cheaper wheels.
Carver Roller Main Feature

2. Kinetic Engine

Inside the roller there is a built-in kinetic engine made of durable carbon steel. It performs the function of additional resistance when rolling out and helps with reverse movement. This allows even the novice user to perform the exercise with a more correct technique and greater amplitude. It also reduces the risk of injury or muscle sprain during sudden movement. Any cheap analog cannot be compared in terms of the reliability of the mechanism used.

3. Ergonomic Grips

Since the training of our brushes is experiencing a heavy load manufacturer has made the shape of the grips more ergonomic. Handles do not slip during training thanks to the special coating and the shape of the handle. You will not experience discomfort in your wrists. Besides, the handles are removable and you can conveniently store or carry the roller in the bag.

4. Complete with everything you need

Everything you need is included. Additionally, the foam knee pad is provided for more convenient exercise. Beginners will be useful training calendar. It shows the training program for 21 days.

Expert Opinion (Navy SEAL)

Let’s listen to the opinion of the Expert Navy SEAL, who shares his opinion on this roller model.

How Ab Carver Pro Works

Using Perfect Fitness AB Carver PRO Roller for core workouts is quite simple. On average, up to 40 muscles are involved in training. These are the main muscle groups-the press, arms, shoulders, back, and muscle stabilizers. Besides, it is good training for the cardio system.

AB Carver Pro Roller Core Workouts

Before using it is necessary to perform a warm-up. Curve Straight-this is the main exercise with which you should start using ab roller. The movement range depends on your fitness. Using a foam knee pad stand on your knees. Set the roller on the floor and move forward. Pause for a few seconds and roll back to the starting position.
ab carver pro workouts
If You are not sure that you can do a few reps simplify the exercise. You can reduce the amplitude of the motion. You can also perform exercises at the wall or other obstacles. Rolling out you will rest against an obstacle and it will reduce strain. If this is difficult, try to make the bar and just keep the balance standing on the roller. And also perform similar exercises to develop the muscles of the bark, arms, and shoulders.

You to do additional exercises If your physical form allows. For a more advanced level, you can do right and left rollouts. Movement with a change of direction will allow including oblique muscles of the press in active work. This exercise combines endurance training and coordination.

Ab Carver Workout Schedule

Ab Carver workout chart
You have to understand that this is one of the training options. You can change the order of the training. But in any case, use a certain order. This will allow you to move more effectively to the goal.

Ab Carver Pro Review Video Review

You can see more details in the following video.


The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro targets not only the abdominal muscles, but also the glutes, hamstrings, and pelvic region. It also targets the back, giving you a complete workout. It is the only instrument that can be used to target the entire core. I think this is one of the best fitness equipment for the abs for the money.



If we are talking about full-fledged exercise of bark muscles, it can be 3-4 days a week. In this case, you will be able to recover and progress in time. If this muscle group is lagging behind, you can train more often. Above we have placed one of the training options in the form of a schedule. To begin with, you can use it and further adjust it as you wish and possibilities.


Exercises will not differ significantly. Initially, it is difficult to perform movements in full amplitude, so you can use a wall or other obstacle to simplify the task. There may be difficulties and even a minimum number of repetitions may be difficult to perform. In this case, use the auxiliary exercises. For example, a plank is useful.


The main load on the muscles of the cortex. If you kneel on your knees, you also train your buttocks muscles. Your hands are also tense, especially with the right technique and slow movements.


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